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Guangzhou Huaxin Color Printing Co., Ltd, established in 1994, covers an area of over 15,000 square meters and existing staff of more than 200 people.is a leading supplier, specializing in manufacturing displays, packaging boxes and paper bags for watch, jewelry, cosmetic and eyewear, etc.

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3 Facts Everyone Should Know About Custom Jewelry Packaging Boxes

  • 1. The Protection of Jewelry Inside Vital for Custom Jewelry Boxes Packaging
  • 2. Jewelry Box Custom Made Under Humanized Design Mode
  • 3. Promotion function Critical for custom jewelry boxes for business

Write by:Allen Iverson

Custom packaging experts from Huaxin factory

    1. The Protection of Jewelry Inside Vital for Custom Jewelry Boxes Packaging

    "Protection" has the meaning of defense, shelter, protection is also the most basic function of jewelry packaging. It is necessary to ensure that the internal jewelry in the "market cycle" that is, after a series of loading and unloading, transportation, storage, display, sales until the consumer in the effective period of use or use is not destroyed. That is to say, jewelry shipping boxes include both the protection of the contents and the protection of the package itself. The best jewelry boxes must match the jewel itself to the requirements of the packaging, as well as to meet the various jewel conditions of the various needs of the jewelry on the packaging.

    1.1 Moisture-proof Function for Customized Jewelry Box
    The Moisture-proof packaging refers to a technology that can not pass through or difficult to pass through the water vapor packaging materials for the box for jewelry. General moisture-proof packaging using high moisture resistance of moisture-proof paper packaging or plastic film packaging can achieve certain moisture-proof packaging requirements.

    1.2 Anti-shock Function for Jewelry Holder Box
    Anti-vibration packaging, also known as buffer packaging, by the full anti-vibration, partial anti-vibration, suspended anti-vibration and inflatable anti-vibration composition. Is to slow down the jewelry of the shock and vibration, protect it from damage to certain protective measures taken by the packaging method, occupies an important position in the jewelry box set.

    2.Jewelry Box Custom Made Under Humanized Design Mode

    Convenient means convenient, fast, convenient packaging design refers to the human-oriented design concept, humanized packaging design, specifically in taking into account the beauty and at the same time can be based on consumer habits, operating habits to facilitate consumers, best jewelry box organizer both to meet the functional requirements of consumers, but also to meet the psychological needs of consumers.

    2.1 Information transfer
    First: strong identification. Such as: the name of the product, type, properties and production date and other related information, so that consumers can understand the relevant information about the product through the packaging.

    Second: easy to understand the product introduction. Through the packaging for a simple description, you can let consumers grasp the use of the product as soon as possible (with a picture description is a good demonstration, easy to understand).

    Third: a good tactile experience. Tactile is one of the five human senses, ordinary packaging design often only consider the human visual and auditory, and humane product packaging design, should be from the details to make consumers feel the human-centered design concept, so in the design of the time, it should highlight the actual feeling more, such as more attention to the shape or selection of materials, but also can give consumers a good tactile experience.

    2.2 Convenience function
    A good piece of packaging, from the Jewelry packaging box manufacturer to the hands of consumers, and then to its waste itch recycling, whether from the position of the producer, storage far loser, agent seller, or consumer, should get people feel the convenience brought by the packaging. Wondering whether a custom jewelry packaging box is convenient, you need to check the following points.

    First: saving time
    With the fast pace of modern life, people's concept of time is becoming stronger and stronger. Jewelry packaging design reflects its basic protection function, but also take into account the function of the party to make fast. Material science of the packaging can save valuable time for people's activities.

    Second: the convenience of storage
    The space convenience of packaging is essential to reduce the cost of circulation. Especially for a wide range of goods, fast turnover of the super market, attach great importance to the shelf utilization, and therefore also pay more attention to the space convenience of packaging.

    Third: convenient function
    A box of jewelry, on the one hand designs for the jewel, on the other hand, for the sake of consumers. Easy to carry, open and access to the finished product packaging, can impress consumers, so that they feel friendly and thoughtful service, so as to maintain a sense of loyalty to the goods. Convenient form of packaging can reduce the breakage of jewelry, costs and ease of use for consumers, but also improve product quality and promote sales of important links.

    Fourth: recyclable function
    In the sustainable development of the present, the convenience of packaging recycling decomposition is very important, requiring the design of jewelry box, the scientific and reasonable use of materials, as far as possible to avoid the inconvenience of packaging waste decomposition. In general, the cost of recycling a single material jewellery packaging is much lower than the cost of packaging mixed with a variety of materials.

    3. Promotion function Critical for custom jewelry boxes for business

    3.1 Good impression
    Packaging is the first impression of the product. A nice jewelry box gives consumers a good impression of the company and their products, increasing the desire to buy, prompting consumers to take the purchase behavior.

    3.2 Advertising effect
    Antique jewelry boxes, a key role, but also improve consumer preference for enterprises and products, increase habitual purchase, to prevent the shortening of sales.

    3.3 Silent propaganda
    Customers have more affection for the jewel after watching the advertisement of the jewelry, so that it can reach every consumer's family. In the modern marketing process, pretty jewelry box is increasingly important to the promotion of the rings, necklace hangers and so on. Especially the emergence of unmanned self-service shopping malls, commodity packaging will directly affect the sales volume of goods. So a good "organizing jewelry box" is also known as "silent salesman".

    Post time: Dec-01-2022
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hot-sale product

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