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Wooden Watch Box

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Wooden Watch Box

Guangzhou Huaxin Color Printing Co., Ltd is mainly specialized in packaging boxes and displays for watches for over 25 years, especially in supreme wooden watch box. Our company is a factory-based company which cover more than 2000 square meters industrial zone for selling and products packaging boxes for watches and jewelry and other products.

  • I will illustrate the following aspects to let customers to know more about wooden watch box and why we choose wooden watch box as a packaging box for watches.

    • What’s the “wood” for wooden watch box?

      As we call it wooden watch box, of course the wood is the main material structure for the box. What we have for this so called wood, there is MDF, Plywood and solid.

      First, the full name for MDF is Medium Density Fiber wood, it is an artificial board made of branch wood, small diameter wood, bamboo and other plant raw materials with limited wood resources. On one hand, MDF is in low cost, simple processing and high utilization, on the other hand, MDF has the basic sturdiness of other wood has, so this is the most widely used wood for wooden watch box.

      Second is plywood, plywood is also a typical artificial board, it is odd layered structure, each layer is stacked vertically, and thin layers or veneers of different materials are assembled under the action of gluing and strong pressure. Plywood is rarely used in wooden watch box as the price is higher than solid wood but without the high level of solid wood, the easy way to use plywood to make wooden watch box is that it doesnt need to do surface finishing or coated on the surface, it is natural.

      The third one, solid wood is including many different kinds of threes, not all solid wood can be used for making wooden watch box as the wood need to hard that can be done as a box. The most distinguished feature of the solid wood box is high end and top grade, it is for luxury watches or limited edition watches packaging.

    • The category of wood box for watches

      1) Lacquered wood box

      For this kind of wood box, we will first make a wood box frame, then we will do the painting on the outside of the box, as for the painting, usually we have two kinds of painting, one is matte painting / lacquering , the other one is glossy painting / lacquering, we have many other ways to do this. ① Painting on the MDF/solid wood directly, after we polish the surface of the wood, we can do the painting on it, as for the painting colors, we can do the customized colors, white, black, red and many other referred Pan-tone colors which customer required, it is a good service for customers to choose their own hobby on their watch box. ② Painting on the wood grain paper or printing paper. We will make the MDF surface very smooth, then paste the printing paper or wood grain paper onto the surface of the MDF, then we can do the painting like the first step . As for wood grain paper, there are many patterns can choose from and for the printing paper, it is more open to customers have their own printing design. ③ Painting on the wood veneer or carbon fiber piece. The step of making the wood veneer or carbon fiber piece is the same as the wood grain paper, when lacquering, usually we will choose a transparent painting oil for customers to feel the surface of the wood veneer or carbon fiber piece.

      2) Leather / paper coating wood box

      Of course for this type, we have to make a wood box frame too, then customers will think or select to coat with leather or paper, as we have PU leather, printing paper, fancy paper and velvet for customers to choose from, each type will be in different feature and characteristics as they are in different surface feeling and different price degree. Usually for PU leather, velvet and fancy paper, we have many choices to select, but we cant name or customize the color or pattern as we purchased these materials from the original factories and they only accept the customization when in huge quantity order. As for printing paper, customers will have more free to make what they want for the outlook of the box.

      No matter what kind of surface of the wood box you would like to do, for the insert or inside lining of the box, most time we will make PU leather or velvet to fill it as these two materials are easy and good to realize. And for the bottom of the box, the most common way we make is to glue a piece of velvet to avoid the scratches when people put the box on the table or other surfaces.

    • How long does a wooden watch box last?

      To discuss how long a wood box last, we need to tell it from different material which the wood box contains.

      1) PU leather related wood box, as PU leather has its own life period usually for 2-4 years depending on the weather and how customers use the box;

      2) Velvet related wood box, velvet is more usable than the PU leather as it is that easy to be aging and it can last for 3-5 years;

      3) Lacquer wood box, as our company use a high quality painting oil and we will paint odd layers, so our lacquer box can be last over 5 years, usually 5-10 years.

      Our tips to keep the wood box is that dont leave the box there all the time, you need to use it time and time. When you open and close it, please do it gently and keep it clean and dry, it can be last longer.

    • Are wooden watch box good?

      When talking about the packaging boxes for watches, we have many choices like paper box, plastic box or PVC box, why we choose wooden box, is wooden box good? Here I list some reasons to convince why wooden box for watches is necessary.

      1) Wooden box for watch can reflect the watch brand level, if we use a wooden box to pack the watch, it looks very high end and important as a gift. The watches at last will be sold to person, they buy watches usually two reasons, one is for self-use, another one is for gift. If they for self-use, when others are not aware of the brand of the watch he or she bought, they saw the wooden packaging box, then they know this watch must not that cheap and this person should be a good taste person which can help this person to have much more good reputation among social hub. If for gift, this is even more important to have wooden packaging box for watch, when you give the present to the person, the first sight they see will be the packaging, the wooden box will explain how you like the person and how important the person to you, that person will be very happy just from the wooden packaging box. No matters which reason, the final way to keep the watch is the wooden box as a storage box in their home to cut off the dust and crush of the accident.

      2) Wooden box is a very safe way to pack a watch. As now on line shopping is more and more popular all over the world, people are more willing to buy things online. When delivering, the packaging seems a keen factor to ensure the safety of the watch inside. Wooden box is hard enough outside and it is not easy to hurt the inside watches as its structure is very rigid and hard to keep the watch safe inside the box. Here I would like to talk about how we pack a wooden box with watch, first we will put watch inside the wooden box, then we close the wooden box and wrap with a foam outside to protect it, there will be a hard cardboard box outside to pack the wooden box, this is a very safe way to protect the watch as you know the shipping company will use a corrugated carton box to pack the whole wooden box with watch, so there is no way to hurt the watches inside. When I talk about closing the box, I want to add a point is that we have lock to keep the wooden box closed very well, like we have spring hinge / T hinge or cylinder hinge on the back of the wooden box, front we will use strong magnets, button lock, key lock or password lock to guarantee the wooden box cant be open itself.

      3) The third reason that we choose wooden box to pack watches is that the surface of wooden box is waterproof or dust proof, it is easy to clean the water drops and dust on the surface of the wooden box. People must dont want a packaging with many hints of fingers when you take out the watches.

      4) Wooden box is easy and good to make large box for several watches packaging which is very suitable for business man to have a good storage box to put his watches collection, the most important point is that wooden box is durable.

    • How about wooden watch box price?

      As we do customized packaging box, the price varies from the order quantity, material, size and shape and the surface as well as the capacity of the box, so our price can be low like $2, can be high like $30 per piece, all depends on the box design. In this way, you can tell us your target price for the packaging, we can make the one as you want within your price range.

    • How to customize wooden watch box for us?

      1) Our consultant will discuss with you about the details of the box you would like to do, like box style, shape, color and material you would like to use for the box, then our consultant will discuss the detailed information with our factory manager and work out the price accordingly, when we agree on the price, we will move to next step;

      2) We will on the design part, our consultant will arrange our designer to make the design effect for us, I want to mention this, our designer service is free. The design can be revised or changed till the customer confirm on it.

      3) When we move to sampling, we have a sample team and sample house to support. Our designer will make a production drawing to our wood house, then our master will make the wood box frame to our lacquering department, another master will polish the wood surface, do the lacquering, after all the previous steps are finished, our handmade master will do the inside inlay handmade and do the logo on the box as required. Our consultant will take a picture or video of the sample for customer to take a look at the sample before they receive it, when customer agree on it, we will send the sample to customer for they to check on the quality.

      4) Customers confirm on the sample and pay the deposit, we will do the mass production of the boxes according to sample or revise as the customer need. Mass production is similar like sample process, just finish one step for all the order then move to another step, our workers has much experience on this kind of working and they know how to make perfect for the final packaging box product.

      5) QC step, I think this is the most important part to guarantee box quality. We will have three times quality control on the box production: first, our factory manager will check on the box during and after mass production; second, our consultant will check if everything is good and take pictures to customers during and after the production; third, our leader will do spot check on the box after they are well packed and open the carton to check the boxes. Besides our side, customer can arrange the professional quality control department to examine on our boxes before shipping.

      6) When everything is settled, the customer can arrange the shipping themselves by using their own forwarder; If customer dont have their own shipping agent or they dont have the importing experience, we can help to find the suitable shipping way for customers.

      I strongly recommend wooden packaging box for your watches and if you have any interest and want to know more customized designs for wooden watch box, you are welcomed to contact me at any time.