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Paper Perfume Box

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Paper Perfume Box

Throughout the ages, perfume has always performed romantic magic among men and women in the world. It is not only a smell, but also represents the different characteristics and tastes of each person. It, taken from nature, exists because of "beauty"; it develops with technology and constantly breaks through: it is the endorsement of fashion, leading the contemporary trend. And with the development of the times, perfume packaging, a special commodity, has also undergone tremendous changes, which directly affects people's understanding of it and their desire to buy.

  • Let’s take a look at Huaxin’s views on Paper Perfume Box

    • Importance of Paper Perfume Box Designs

      With the development of the economy, international exchanges are becoming more and more extensive, perfume is becoming more and more popular in China, and there are more and more perfume sellers. As a product to enhance the taste, in addition to the taste, its bottle body and packaging box customization is also a part of reflecting taste, which is very different from other products. Perfume manufacturers have noticed this and invested a lot in perfume packaging.

      In the most eye-catching locations of major shopping malls, there are always some dizzying and dreamy cosmetics on display. Among those various objects, the most exciting people can't help but stop and take a look is the fragrance, which is full of spirituality, unique design, and with classic packaging. In this material-rich society, perfume is no longer a luxury. The use of perfume, whether it is to show the depth of a mature and capable man or the charm of an elegant and noble woman, will mostly leave people with a beautiful sense of smell in public. When you smell her lightly, you can feel her warm voice and warmth, which makes people feel refreshed and refreshed immediately. No matter what brand or grade of perfume it is, you always need to use a packaging container to hold it. And most consumers will make a preliminary evaluation of the perfume according to the packaging design before coming into contact with the smell of perfume, and take it as one of the reference indicators for further experience of the product. It can be seen that the perfume box design is an indispensable and beautiful coat for perfume, and plays a pivotal role in the promotion of perfume brand.


      The importance of fragrances packaging is not easily overlooked or taken lightly. This is a complex process, so perfume packaging requires great care and attention. Not only the scent or smell of the fragrance is important, but of course the packaging or covering, a good fragrance can only be used with an impressive cover or packaging.


      The smell of a perfume may grab the attention of potential buyers and customers, but its appearance is important as well. If the fragrance is packaged in a rough or odd-shaped bottle or box, it will be unappealing. If the bottle or box that holds your perfume is beautiful and interesting, it can make your customers your permanent and loyal buyers. We know the fragrance is in the package, but if it's not appealing, it can't attract the customer's interest. So, it is obvious and clear that perfume packaging box is as important as the perfume itself. 

    • How to Design a Elegant Paper Perfume Box?

      The packaging of perfume is fashionable, elegant, noble and beautiful. Perfume designers are good at using various materials and dare to use new materials, new technologies and new forms to design perfume packaging. They take fashion and innovation as the design basis to meet consumers' aesthetic psychology of seeking new and changing, and they are good at art from various periods Absorb nutrients in the works. Besides, they always pay attention to consider from the consumer's point of view and design according to customers’ perceptions in all aspects, just in order to enhance the attractiveness of the perfume packaging, taking into account the visual image and functionality of the perfume packaging.


      First of all, the taste of the perfume should be taken into consideration, and generally the perfume packaging should be consistent with the taste, such as the fragrance of roses and lavender fragrance, then the packaging will basically use rose color and purple color, so that the packaging and taste will have the same effect, and people will recognize this product more.


      Then also consider the shape and size of the perfume bottle. Generally, the ordinary paper perfume box will be made into a cube or a cuboid shaped box, but based on the goal of helping businesses increase sales, the packaging factory's customized packaging boxes will have different shapes, such as perfume boxes that fit the bottle body. It will make the perfume more prominent, and people will be reluctant to throw away the box after buying the perfume, so that relatives and friends who come can also see it and achieve the effect of secondary publicity. Some packaging factories also have a contrasting design, such as a round perfume paper box, which forms a big contrast with the square perfume bottle body inside.


      Because most perfumes are packaged in glass bottles, and most of the perfume bottles are beautiful in appearance, but glass perfume bottles are fragile and cannot provide better protection. Therefore, design  point mainly includes two aspects: (1) It is the outer packaging decoration, so that the decoration is simple, beautiful, fashionable, attractive to consumers, and highlights the brand characteristics and theme ideas, and promotes the brand culture. (2) It is the inner holder design, which can perfectly protect the perfume packaging bottle well and meet the requirements of green packaging now advocated. The inner packaging is mainly a buffer packaging, and the buffer packaging is made of suitable material.


      Different from other products packaging boxes, we will also pay attention to the design of the perfume packaging box. Generally, the inside of the skin care product packaging box is ordinary white cardboard, which only plays a protective role to prevent the bottle from breaking. But we always design a heart-wrenching story to make the fragrance more tender and attractive. Because perfume is not a fast-moving consumable, it basically lasts a long time in a small bottle, and many Chinese people buy perfume not to block body odor, but it is not necessary. In China, perfume can actually be regarded as a civilian luxury, so we need more pay attention to details, let every place reveal its high-end, reveal its uniqueness, and only uniqueness can improve the probability that the perfume will be brought home by consumers. Therefore, the way to sell perfume well is to customize perfume packaging box and design a unique and tasteful perfume gift box.

    • Structure of Paper Perfume Box

      According to paper box structure, paper perfume box can be roughly divided into below box style, folding boxes and rigid boxes. Rigid box also can be divided into unfold rigid and folding rigid box.


      (1) Folding Box

      Folding paper perfume box has simple structure, which can be combined easily. Raw material for folding paper box is normally C1S coated paper. There are many kind of paper, like white printing paper, high-quality silver paper and gold paper with metal effect. And you can choose different weight paper according to your product and usage. The paper  ranges from 120gsm to 375gsm. You can print any thing and color you want on coated paper. Then it will be covered with a lamination to protect the printing color from scratches. There are two options about surface lamination, matte lamination and shiny lamination. Most of customers choose matte lamination, even if its cost is slightly higher than shiny lamination. The whole production steps could be made by automatic machine, from printing, lamination, cutting to be a shaped box. Production time for simple folding paper perfume box is comparatively shorter, and the most important is that cost is lower than rigid box. Quick production time and low cost for perfume packaging box will bring more profit and competitiveness to your production and help to increase sale volume.


      (2) Rigid Box

      Different from folding paper box, the rigid boxes are various in structure designs, so there are many box style for rigid box, such as lid and base box, drawer box, cylinder box, book-shaped box, etc. You could choose different box design to match you perfume bottle perfectly.


      Structure of rigid box is surface paper, hard cardboard and inner holder. The cardboard is used to be made as paper box body and is formed by semi-automatic machine. Cardboard material can be selected from 600gsm to 1800gsm and it will be select according to box size and usage of box. Secondly, surface paper is stuck by hand with glue. There are many type paper material being used to be surface paper, like C2S paper, texture paper, black card paper leatherette paper, etc. And generally 120gsm paper will be used to as surface paper material as it is thin. If the paper is too think, it it difficult to be stuck on the box well. And the next is inner holder, which can be foam insert,sponge insert, and EVA insert. The foam and sponge is soft, while the EVA material is harder than above. However, all of these three insert can protect the perfume bottle well from damage. Excerpt for the raw material selection, rigid box has very strict standard on detail treatment. For example, a high-quality rigid box have straight edge lines, fix size of inner holder with perfume bottle, and never visible glue on the paper perfume box.


      2.1Lid and Base Box

      The structure of lid and base box is very common. It is used in a variety of packaging box structure designs and very suitable for paper perfume box. Generally, the box size will be relatively large, which is very suitable for making a perfume box set. Besides, this protection is also stronger. Many high-end perfumers would like to use the lid and base box.


      2.2Book Shaped Box

      Book shaped box always is made of hard cardboard and covered with surface paper material. The box will be closed by a pair of magnet, however some big size book shaped boxes need 2 pairs of magnet to keep the paper perfume box closed tightly. And it also can be made into a folding boxes. Many customer will choose folding book shaped box instead hard and non-collapsible one, because volume of folding magnet paper box is small and it will help to save shipping cost. And they can be protect better than non-collapsible paper perfume box.


      2.3Cylinder box

      Cylinder paper box is special designed for the cylinder perfume bottles. It is in perfect harmony with the cylinder perfume bottles. It can present the perfume well when coating with the right color and pattern, besides, with same shaped, cylinder paper perfume box can protect the glass perfume bottle well.


      2.4Drawer Box

      Drawer paper box is a classic paper packaging box. There are two parts for paper drawer box, the base box and the lid box. With a ribbon handle, you can easily pull the base box out from the lid box. Paper drawer box is also a very good option to be a perfume display box. The perfume box always is fixed by the inner holder, then you can put the base box lean on the lid box, then the perfume can be displayed on the counter. 

    • Common Craftsmanship of Paper Perfume Boxes

      (1) Paper Material

      There are many kinds of paper material for paper box making. Below paper material are main material for paper perfume box, cardboard, art paper, texture paper, etc.


      Cardboard is usually used to made as paper box body, then surface paper is covered on the cardboard box body to as decoration, such as art paper and texture paper. Art paper, also called as C2S art paper, is a blank white paper, then it need to be printed with color. Any color is available for printing. Regarding texture paper, color of it could not be printed and customized according to your customers’ requirement, because it has color and some texture on it, and you can only select texture color from the sample paper box, but there are many different kinds of texture for your selection.


      (2) Printing

      As mentioned above, art paper need to be printed as it is a blank paper. In general, there are two printing type. One is CMYK printing, another one is Pantone color printing. Cost of Pantone color printing is higher than CMYK printing, therefore, many customers choose CMYK printing to save packaging cost to make their product price more competitive.


      (3) Surface Finishing

      When it comes to printing, surface finishing is a very important process for paper printing production and a very thing for a good paper product, which can protect the printing from damage and scratched. After being printing, all paper will be covered with a lamination to protect the color from fade as well as to protect the paper from broken easily. And there is two options for you here, matte lamination and shiny lamination. Most of customers choose matte lamination even the cost is slightly higher, but paper box with matte lamination looks more elegant and high-end.


      (4) Logo

      Many logo crafts are available for paper perfume box, such as silkscreen logo, hot stamped logo, printing logo, UV logo, debossed logo, embossed logo, etc. Hot stamped logo is mostly used on paper packaging box as stamped logo is shiny under lighting and sunlight, which looks luxury. You may also see golden stamped logo and silvery stamped logo. Actually, there are many stamped color, like black, blue, rose golden, etc. You can tell us what color you want, then we will choose related stamped color for you from the stamped color sample book.


      (5) Inner Holder

      As same to common paper box, many kind of inner holders are available for paper perfume box, such as foam inserts, sponge insert, EVA insert, paper insert. However, EVA insert is mostly chosen in these inner holder. EVA material is hard but can hold the perfume bottle fixedly, because it can be cut into shaped as same as the perfume bottle.

    • How to Customize Paper Perfume Box?

      A perfume box is not only a packaging box to pack and display perfume, but also a brand image. As we all known, brand image is a essential and important thing to a brand and company. If your company own a very good reputation, then your product will in big sales even you do not pay too much on promotions. Therefore, a customized paper perfume box is necessary, which can display your corporate culture and concept. You can create a exclusive color for the perfume packaging box and put your brand name on the it. With the development of your business, people can recognize your brand through your perfume packaging box.


      Then, you may concern about how to customize a exclusive packaging box for your perfume brand. No worry! Huaxin have several professional team and we will help you to make a customized perfume box according to your requirements and design.


      (1) Make Perfume Box Design Rendering

      We have a professional design team to make design drawing for you to check and confirm before sample and mass production. You just tell us box style, box color, perfume bottle shape and size, and send us your logo artwork, etc. It would be better to send us your perfume bottle sample, then we can measure the perfume bottle accurate dimensions and make a perfect size inner holder for your perfume. We usually make free design for our customers.


      (2) Perfume Box Sample

      After design rendering confirmed, we can make a perfume sample box for customers to check if they place a sample order. Sample time for paper perfume box is around 7-10 days, while for wooden perfume box, it need around 12-15 days. If you have a sample before mass production, you can test the size whether is perfect for your perfume bottle, check the color and other details in advance. Once you want to revise some details, just tell us, then we can revise them in mass production freely.


      (3) Perfume Box Production

      After getting your feedback and confirmation about sample, mass production of your perfume packaging box will be arranged at once. Before the bulk order being arranged and stated, you can revise some details, which you are not very satisfied after you check the sample box. Once production started, all details could not be revised. Lead time for paper perfume box is around 25-30 days and it takes around 45 days for wooden perfume box.


      (4) Transportation

      The last step is transportation. We always provide customers with one-stop service. That is to say we can arrange transportation for you if you do not want to arrange it. Of course, if you have your own forwarder agent, you can ask them to arrange shipping and come to our factory to pick up the goods. All shipping ways are available for our perfume box factory, by sea, by air, by courier, by truck, by train, etc.