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Watch Display

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Watch Display

As a watch display stand factory with more than 20 years manufacturing experience, we can make various kinds of watch display and packaging, such as watch display set, watch stand, watch box, etc.

  • Here are some of our thoughts on Watch Display

    • Why Watch Display Stand is Necessary for a Watch Shop?



      No matter how beautiful the decoration of a watch shop is, the watch display must play an essential decorative role and practicality, so it is very necessary to choose the appropriate watch display design when decorating.

      To optimally present high-quality watches, watch display stand is an important display equipment for a watch shop. It can present your watches correctly to present feature of your watches perfectly and can show your product in a direct way. Seeing attractive timepieces nicely arranged and displayed has a certain influence to watches itself and shop sale. A watch display stand may effectively show the beauty, brilliance, and craftsmanship of your watches.

      A good watch display also can tell your brand story. When you customize your own watch display for your timepieces, you must make some brand factor on the display, like brand name, brand exclusive color, etc.

      Creative design watch display will help to attract customers’ eyes and attention and interested your watch. This is very important for your sale and turnover. If your shop and display could not attract peoples eyes, then there will no customer flow in you shop, then as well as no buy and sell.

    • Function of Watch Display Stand

      1) Display Function

      one of the important functions of watch display stand is to attract the attention of customers. The main reason is that if the customer's eyes can be attracted, they will come to watch the products with a high probability, and then the products will be beautified by the display function of the watch display stand. The effect of decoration improves the attractiveness and value of commodities, and indirectly also increases the volume and sales of watches.

      2) Commodity Display Function

      Generally, watches in the store will be divided into many types. At the same time, some of the watches sold are relatively high in price and relatively high-quality. Some are relatively low in price and ordinary in quality. At this time, commodity display function of watch display stand is showed. It is much more convenient to arrange watches under different categories, and it is also clear for customers to watch at a glance, and customers can easily and quickly see their favorite timepieces, leaving a good impression on customers and audiences, and also for businesses. It also provides powerful help for merchants to quickly get customers to place orders

      3) Free Advertising Function

      In addition to above functions, the watch display stand also plays a role in advertising and promoting the watches. A good watch display is designed with a good color configuration of the appearance which is designed according to different people's preferences for color. And the display in watch shop always assembled with lighting to make the watches more attractive. Under cooperation of these two points, a beautiful image is showed and to achieve an advertising effect to attract customers. Usually, customers come to consume after seeing such effects, which saves businesses a lot of money in advertising.

      4) Establishing Brand Function

      As soon as we enter the shopping mall, we always see a very bright brand LOGO on the display, not just on one corner. There are several brand logo on the watch display, such as on backdrop, on baseboard or on stand, etc. If customers come to buy timepieces, they will first look at the brand in the upper left corner of the watch display stand, and then look at the product. If the customer sees what they like, they will directly place an order and buy it, and then find that the quality is very good and practical during use, the price is also relatively reasonable. At this time, they will keep this brand in mind more deeply. When they need it next time, they can't help buying the product again, and will also help the product to do free publicity to their relatives and friends around them.  In the course of time, the brand of your watches will be established in the minds of customers.



    • Structure and Composition of Watch Display Stand

      In general, a watch display stand consist of baseboard, backdrop, small stand, pillow, C-ring, picture frame, etc.

      Main material is MDF and acrylic, but MDF is used regularly as this is a eco-friendly material. The surface finishing is always covered with lacquered and PU leather. There are two option for lacquered, matte lacquered and shiny lacquered, but many choice for color. We can make all color as you want and you just need to tell us a Pantone color number, then we will follow this color make color lacquered for you.

      Pillow and C-ring are very important part for watch display. They are the main accessories to hold and display watches. Pillow is a good choice if you are a watch and jewelry shop because it is available for watches, bangle and bracelet.

      Brand name can be printed on the display. There are many logo craft and below are used on the display popularly, silkscreen logo, silver foil logo, metal logo plate, acrylic logo, hot stamped logo.

      Regarding the background picture frame, it usually is made of clear acrylic. And it is designed as a movable frame, for you to change background photo easily when you make promotion plan for your watch shop.

    • How to Design a Good Watch Display Stand?

      A good watch display stand should help to build up brand awareness and to increase sales volume. Following points are important and should be pay more attention on them during designing.

      1) Coordination of Watch Display Stand and Watch Brands

      As a medium and high-end watch display stand, it can not only play the role of displaying watches, but also play a role as a foil role. Through the watch stand, the watches on display are decorated to attract more consumers' attention. If in order to save the cost, a lower-end watch display is selected as a display, it will often present an incongruous effect with the brand watch, thereby losing more consumers.

      2) Uniqueness of Watch Display Stand

      In the age which beauty is important, only good quality is not enough for a good display, and it is also essential to have a unique appearance design. According to According to market research and investigation, it is found that unique and innovative watch display, combined with the style of shopping malls and shops, can greatly attract the attention of consumers, promote the sales of watches, and bring more profits to merchants.

    • How to Choose Watch Display Stand Supplier?

      1) Should be a factory

      We are a watch display factory in China, also manufacture watch boxes. When you choose supplier for your watch packaging and display, you should check and ask they are a factory or trading company.

      If you work with direct factory, you will get quick response about craft and quotation, and you also can get very competitive price. Because factory know making craft and method very well, they can give you answer at once when you have question and if you need advice for design, factory also can give your best suggestion at the first time. Besides, factory will quote you a factory price, not any trading profit and commission added on the cost. That is what the trading company could not offer to you.

      2) Should have design team

      We are a watch stand factory, but we also have our own design team. We can make free design drawing for you to check before order. In this way, you can save design cost and save much time. You do not need to find design company and discuss with them how to make a display rendering, then finally, you send your drawing to us. Actually, the drawing may not work for our production. Besides, we have own design team and they know production craft very well, then they will design display in the low cost but high end design. And our own design team can avoid many design mistakes.

      3) Should have sample team

      We have a professional and quick response sample team. This is a very important thing for a supplier and buyer. Time is money. We can finish a watch display sample around 8-10 days, but a trading company may send you sample around 20 days after sample order arranged. This means you need more time to get final watch display, which may influence your new arrival time or promotion time.

      4) Should have quality control team

      As a watch display factory, we have a experienced QC team to check and inspect product to guarantee each product is in good condition and good quality. If some watch display stand supplier has no their own QC team, they could not check the product quality at their eye as soon as production finished. Then if you find some problem after receiving the goods, it is trouble for you to return the goods back to your supplier. Whats more, it will cost you money to pay shipping cost. What the worse is that you may have not enough display to replace it, then there is no display for your shop, which will influence your promotion plan and sales.

      5) Should have strong logistic cooperation forwarder

      We have a professional forwarder agent, which we have cooperate with them for over ten years. We always arrange shipment for our customers and they do not spend time to find forwarder agent and communicate with them. And they do not worry about custom declaration and clearance. Our forwarder will handle all these affair and our customers just wait to receive goods at their office and home. We can arrange all shipping way, by air, by sea, by truck, by courier, etc.

    • How to Make a Custom Watch Display Stand?

      First of all, it is confirm with us what kind of watch display fixtures you need, watch stand, watch display rack, watch tray or watch display cabinet? All these fixtures are in our product range. Besides, you also need to make it clear where the display fixtures are used, counter, tabletop, window or freestanding? How many watches you want to display on the watch display stand? What materials you prefer, metal, wood, acrylic or mixed?

      Second step, we will make a design rendering for you after confirming all details your require, then you can check what your watches look like on the display stand. After the design confirmed, we will quote you a competitive factory price.

      Thirdly, if you approve the price and design rendering, we can make a sample for you. Before the sample sent to you, we assemble and test the watch stand sample, then take photos and videos for you to check. The sample will be delivered to you once getting your confirmation. After the sample is approved, we will arrange the mass production. Of course, if you need to make some small revise based on sample, we can directly revise them in mass production.

      At last, when mass production finished, our production team will assemble and test the watch display stand again to confirm no fault. Then, before being packed into export carton, all watch display stand will be inspected by our QC team to ensure product quality. Finally, we will arrange transportation and deliver the goods to you.

      Of course, we also have complete and good after-sales service, if you have any question and problem during assembling and us the watch displays, you can contact us any time and we will offer you our best service for you.