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Paper Watch Box

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Paper Watch Box

Paper watch is mostly selected currently, even there are many other kinds of watch box, such as wooden watch box, leather watch box which are luxury than paper watch box.

  • Here let’s discuss about Paper Watch Box.

    • Design Tip for Paper Watch Box

      Many things can be analyzed from multiple perspectives, and so are the packaging boxes we often see on the market. If you want to design a beautiful paper watch packaging box, you have to find out the details and mysteries of the packaging box design. So, do you know the key points of the watch box design? Let's take a look at the key points of understanding packaging box design.

      The existence of the packaging box is to protect the product from damage, so the safety of the watch packaging box is very important. Ensuring that the product is intact and safe for customers to use is the starting point for the design of the packaging box. Therefore, the safety of storage, transportation, exhibition carrying, and use should be considered according to the attributes of the watch product. The watches must be in good condition during transportation, which is the reason for the watch box. With the slow development of time, the watch box not only protects the safety of the watch, but also pays attention to its shape when designing. Whether the watch box can be produced quickly and accurately, and whether the workers can accurately shape and seal the watch box.

      An excellent paper watch box design should pay attention to the user's experience. Therefore, the proportion of the box-shaped structure of the watch box should be reasonable, and the structure should be rigorous, which can highlight the beauty of contrast and coordination, the beauty of shape and material, the beauty of rhythm and rhythm, and ensure that there will be no mistakes in the use of the watch box.

      Through designing watch boxes, many watch brand merchants can divide the consumer groups, and then make corresponding products to maintain the customer groups, and better attract more consumers, thereby increasing the sales of products and the inner sense of product quality.

    • Craftsmanship for Paper Watch Box

      The customized watch box plays an excellent role in the display and safety protection of the watch brand, thereby enhancing the added value of the product in the sales process. So what are our most common paper watch box crafts?

      (1) Lamination Craft

      The most common and commonly used is the lamination process. Laminating a glossy film or a matte film on the printing surface can strengthen the structure of the packaging box, wear-resistant and waterproof, which can improve the brightness of the packaging or reduce the brightness of the packaging paper. Besides, the film can protect the printing color from scratches and fading.

      (2) Hot Stamping Logo Craft

      In order to improve the quality of packaging, the gold foil process is the most used in the production of paper watch boxes. Now there is no any gift box no using hot stamping logo. Even the Apple watch packaging box has a hot stamped logo. Hot stamping is to heat the desired pattern with gold or silver foil and then hot stamp it on the surface of the printed paper material to make it look high-grade like gold-plated or silver.

      (3) Debossing and Embossing

      Sometimes in the production of watch paper boxes, in order to make the partial patterns or patterns have the feeling of embossing or negative carving, the embossing process is used. The pictures and texts that have been hit will be presented in the form of higher or lower than the paper surface, thus showing a good three-dimensional and layered sense.

      (4) UV Logo Craft

      The graphics and text on the surface of many gift boxes have a bright feeling. Many clients will ask what the effect is. This is actually a screen printing process, the purpose is to make the local lines or graphics light up and contrast with the background color of the printing surface, so as to obtain a good visual effect.

    • What's the difference between lamination for Paper Watch Box?

      In order to improve the finished product texture, some paper watch boxes will use a lamination process to improve the texture. And our common lamination process on the box is two lamination processes of shiny film or matte film. But what is the difference between such a lamination process?

      (1) Shiny Film

      Shiny film has a bright surface, and the paper watch box covered with the shiny film has a bright surface, which looks as bright as a mirror and has strong expressiveness. Shiny film reflects ambient light and belongs to a specular reflection. Its surface is relatively bright. It can make the printed matter more colorful, but it is prone to reflection. On flat surfaces such as stripped covers and cardboard boxes, glossy film works well.

      (2) Matte Film

      A matte film is primarily a haze-like surface. The surface of the paper watch box covered with matte film is not reflective, and it looks very elegant and has a matte texture. It has a soft finish and a serene and elegant appearance. It is commonly used in high-end packaging industries, such as watch and jewelry industry, clothing industry, gift packaging, tea packaging and other industries.

      Generally speaking, the cost of matte film is generally higher than that of shiny film. Thick paper will become fragile after printing, but it will become more tough and foldable after lamination. Nowadays, high-end watch packaging boxes and paper bags are covered with film, which can not only prevent dirt, but also prevent the packaging box from getting wet. Therefore, the lamination process is still very useful, but it is necessary to choose different processes for different products, and the right one is the best.

    • Insert for Customized Paper Watch Box

      In order to protect the watch in the watch paper box and enhance a more intuitive sense of value when opening, watch box manufacturers usually add a inner holder to the watch packaging box when customizing high-end watch boxes. There are many choices of inner holder materials for watch box, such as EVA, sponge, plastic, paper, flannel, satin and so on. Different materials inner holder can bring different feelings in terms of appearance, and also have different functions. Then let's briefly understand the characteristics of common EVA inner holder and flannel inner holder!

      (1) EVA Inner Holder

      EVA inner holder is the most commonly used insert material, because it has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, aging resistance, odorless, wear resistance, light weight, moisture resistance, etc. EVA inner holder is very good for the protection of high-end watch boxes. Visually, it looks relatively tough, and a watch is placed in it, as if it is firmly trapped, and it will not easily fall out.

      (2) Flannel Inner Holder

      The flannel inner holder has strong three-dimensional effect, high gloss and soft and thick touch. The paper watch box is added with flannel inner holder and with a stylish watch in it, noble style of the watch appears immediately. The good-looking flannel is more eye-catching, and the color is the first to attract the eye.

    • Comparison Between Paper Watch Box and Leather Watch Box

      The packaging in earliest period was only for high-value products, like cultural relics, luxury jewelry, antiques,etc. Due to the value of the product itself is very high, its packaging requirements are also very high-end, and leather boxes are the most common. But although more and more low-end products also need packaging, paper packaging box has gradually become popular. Among them, the paper packaging  box can also play the role of protecting the product, and the cost is much cheaper than the leather box, and the production is relatively simple.

      However, the advantages of leather watch boxes are also very obvious. They are wear-resistant, waterproof, and the box is more firm and high-end. Relatively speaking, paper watch box is not wear-resistant, but it has a certain waterproof ability, and the box structure is relatively firm. This is analyzed from the overall performance of packaging box printing.

      The following is an analysis of the material. The main materials of the leather watch box are leather and wood. Even it is faux leather but still expensive than paper material. The main material of the paper watch box is paper and cardboard. The best paper is as expensive as the leather, and the same is true for the cardboard.

      Finally, from the analysis of the difficulty of making watch box, there is no machine to make the leather watch box at this stage, and it all needs handmade, so the production cost is relatively high. And paper watch box can already be mass-produced with automated machines. In addition, a small number of semi-automatic machines can be replaced, so the production cost is relatively low.

      Therefore, if you need a small number of very high-end watch boxes, you can choose leather watch boxes. If you need to order large quantities of watch boxes, as a professional watch packaging box factory, Huaxin recommends you choosing paper watch boxes. Although the parameters of the leather watch box exceed that of the paper watch box, it is not suitable for mass production.

    • How to get Customized Paper Watch Box Price?

      There is nothing more troublesome for the quotation clerk of the paper watch box manufacturer than that the customer will ask the price when they inquire about the customized watch box. However, some customers have no concept of their own customized watch boxes, so they directly ask what the price is. For the quotation clerk, it is impossible to quote the price if the customer does not provide the size, quantity, box shape and internal style of the box that need to be customized. Therefore, please let us know below details when you want to get a quote.

      (1) Your Product and Packaging Purpose

      Different customers customize watch boxes for different purposes. Some customers pursue practical functions, while others pursue fashionable and beautiful packaging, which can attract consumers from the appearance. Only after we understand the purpose of the customer's packaging, can we make products that satisfy customers according to their needs.

      (2) Box Size You Required

      After understanding the purpose of packaging, we also need to understand a series of parameters of the paper watch box, such as which material is used, whether it is kraft paper or cardboard, how much volume the box needs, and how to place the items inside. There are many customers who are not very clear about the needs of their own packaging boxes. We need to communicate with customers more, and then give customers some advice from experience.

      (3) Color and Logo Craft

      Color and logo craft are also very important for quotation, which can influence price. Some special color may require special craft and machine to make it.

      (4) Your Budget for Packaging

      For the watch box factory, it is very important to determine the customer's budget. If the customer needs more complex packaging products, but is willing to pay less money, the probability of success of this order is relatively small. Therefore, we need to formulate appropriate design schemes according to the customer's capital budget.

      Different paper watch boxes have completely different production processes, and the prices vary greatly. Therefore, these quotation prerequisites are required. In the absence of specific parameters, the price quoted by the watch box factory salesperson is inaccurate. So it would be appreciated that tell us all details when you ask quotation.