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Product display

Jewelry Display

Huaxin Has A Large-Scale Technological Research And Development Team Dedicated To Improving Furniture Manufacturing, Technology, And Quality To Provide A Wide Range Of Box&Dislpays.
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Providing Marketable Packaging Solutions

For Different Types Of Buyers.

Leading Jewelry Display Design Lab For Your Brand

Leading Jewelry Display Design Lab For Your Brand

We are obsessed with the careful design of jewelry display , which can effectively display the beauty and uniqueness of your jewelry, and also be able to catch the eyes of customers and increase sales. A good design can fully demonstrate the uniqueness of jewelry and affect customers' impression of jewelry and desire to buy.

  • Material selection: consistent with the style and brand image of the jewelry, providing a good display effect
  • Storage and display space: Make sure the display racks provide enough storage and display space to effectively organize and display different types and styles of jewelry
  • Safety design: It is crucial to ensure the safety of jewelry during display
  • Color and decoration: choose the right color and decorative elements to enhance the appeal and visual effect of jewelry display racks

Request Ideas

  • Raw Material Procurement

    Strict raw material management system Ensures The Quality Of Jewelry Display


    •Supplier selection and evaluation

    •Quality inspection and testing

    •Storage and safeguarding

    •Inventory management

    •Defective product management and tracking


  • equipment

    Advanced equipment play a vital role in producing excellent box&display stands.


    •Precision and quality control: higher precision and accuracy

    •Production efficiency: higher production efficiency

    •Innovation ability: advanced manufacturing technologies and processes

    •Cost savings: reduce production costs through automation and higher production efficiency 


  • manual skills

    Every jewelry display made by advanced craftsmen is a work of art


    Since the establishment of the factory in 1994, our craftsmen have continued to improve their handicraft skills. In many cases, they are more precise than machines.


  • spray painting

    Whether for store display or exhibition display, our painting technology can add more value to your products.

    Excellent painting technology can bring a fine and uniform coating effect to the jewelry display stand, making it look more high-end and professional. With our painting technology, your products can be given a detailed finish with a high gloss finish, enhancing the overall visual appeal and appeal. What's more, our painting technology also has excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance, which can protect the surface of the display shelf from damage and prolong its service life. 


  • strict cleaning

    You will get a clean and delicate jewelry display stand, which will add highlights to your jewelry display.

    After the products are produced, we will clean them carefully. Product cleanliness is of great value for quality. First of all, cleaning ensures that the surface of the display shelf is free from dust and dirt, giving it a flawless appearance. Secondly, cleaning can keep the product as new for a long time, avoid dust and dirt from causing damage to the display rack, and prolong the service life of the product. Most importantly, cleanliness can convey a professional and responsible impression to customers and demonstrate our commitment to quality


  • QC

    Huaxin regards quality inspection as a priority to ensure customers get superior quality Jewelry Display Racks. 

     A strict quality inspection system enables us to screen out any possible manufacturing defects and ensure that each product is precision tested before shipment. This attitude of insisting on quality provides customers with multiple guarantees: one is to ensure that the product has exquisite appearance and perfect function, the other is to ensure the durability and service life of the product, and the third is to provide products that fully meet the specifications and requirements. Our quality inspection system provides customers with reliable quality assurance, helping to increase the jewelry display effect and enhance the brand image.


  • Pack

    Jewelry display stand is carefully packaged before shipment to ensure no scuffs, scratches, or other damage during transit. 

    We use professional packaging materials and technologies to provide the most effective protection measures for products. Careful packaging can not only ensure that the product reaches the customer in good condition, but also enhance the customer's confidence in the quality of the product. Whether during storage, shipping or display, our careful packaging provides extra value to the product and ensures a satisfying buying experience.


  • equipment
  • manual skills
  • QC
  • Pack

Huaxin Has A Large-Scale Technological

Research And Development Team Dedicated To Improving display stand Manufacturing, Technology, And Quality To Provide A Wide Range Of jewelry Dislpays.

  • Below are some tips and details about the jewelry displays:


      •Which place we can use the display in jewelry shops?

      •Now the jewelry display stand and sets is common used in various places, such as watch shops, jewelry event, promotion, counter, showcase and windows in your jewelry shops and the exhibitions.


      •Why the jewelry display is important to every jewelry shop in the offline market

      •The jewelry display can hold various kinds jewelry display and show your jewelry details inside the showcase, window or counter which can let your clients see your jewelry clearly inside and outside your shops.


      •A good design and luxury jewelry display, it’s not only stand for your jewelry brand, but it can also attract more the people to focus on your brand and product when they pass outside your shops or go inside for buying.
      The special jewelry display is one of the key point to enhance a good first impression for your Potential customers, which can let them remember your brands strongly.


      •How to choose the suitable jewelry displays is a good knowledge.

      •About the jewelry display, it’s included jewelry display sets, single jewelry display stand for various jewelry, and the jewelry display trays. But most in the jewelry market is the jewelry display sets. Below are our some tips about how to use the display in different display furniture.

      • For the counter, it’s better to use the large and flexible design jewelry display sets with the short backboard and without the backdrop. The display sets is included various of jewelry display holder, like different designs of the rings, necklace, earrings, bracelet, bangle, pendants etc., display stand. And it can move and put different combinations by yourself when you received the product. And also the jewelry display trays also a good choice for the short counter. But the jewelry display sets will be much more luxury.

      jewly (2)

      Source: Huaxin

      jewly (1)

      Source: Huaxin




      •For the showcase, which put in the shops and gallery to show the luxury and special jewelry. It should be use a small sets but simple jewelry displays which can let your jewelry shown distinct from the showcase. And the best choice for this jewelry display is to used the microfiber cover jewelry display, Because this covering will look high end on the jewelry display itself and will be more durable. if you want to hoist the level of the jewelry stands, can add the golden or silver metal frame.

      jewly (3)

      Source: Huaxin


      •For this display in the windows, it can use a displays which with the high blackboard with your brand name, so people or your Potential customers can know the jewelry comes from which brand or company. For this way, we suggest you to use the velvet, suede, or the microfiber covering jewelry display, because the PU leather surface can not keep for a long time Under strong light.

      jewly (4)

      Source: Huaxin


      •About the counter top ( outside the windows or showcase), you can choose the rotating jewelry display stand, these stands are mostly made for the earrings and the necklace. Also the jewelry display trays can put on the countertop for different kinds of the jewelry.

      jewly (5)

      Source: Huaxin



      •For the material for the jewelry displays

      •For the material for the jewelry displays, we usually use the wood, and cover the PU leather, suede, velvet, and the microfiber material on the displays surface. •About the different material covering, their own Features are as below.


      •For the leather, there will be various kinds texture on the material surface, the most popular leather used for the jewelry display is the brushed surface. This kind of PU leather will be seen some brushed shiny lines on the surface which will look more luxury and different from the common leather. The most popular color our clients choose are the beige, navy blue and black. Also there are some another colors you can choose from our material catalogue.


      •For the velvet, suede, and microfiber material. These 3 kinds material jewelry display will be more durable than the leather jewelry display. The velvet material will be cheapest among these three kinds of material, most of the small jewelry shops and the started business company in the market will use the velvet material for their displays because of their budget. And this kind material also is in different colors.


      •About the suede material, it will look more luxury than the velvet, but cost will be higher than the common velvet material. This material will look like the microfiber material, but it’s not the real microfiber. And there are also different color for choice. Most clients will like the black and white color for the displays.


      •The most expensive material is the real microfiber material, most famous brand and luxury jewelry displays will use this material. It will look high end from the surface. And this material itself is soft and looks clean for the displays.


      •And the jewelry displays are also can made by acrylic material, which can cutting the various shape to handing the jewelry displays.


      •The tips of the colors used for the jewelry displays

      •For the silver jewelry, choose the dark color material, like the dark gray, black, navy blue will be a good opinions, because they can let your jewelry looks distinct from the display, for the golden jewelry, can think about the beige color. This is the ideas from our side. And you can choose the ones what you need for your brand.


      •Choose the custom jewelry displays for your brand and its function

      •If you have enough budget, time and can order about 30-50 sets for one design, we suggest you to choosing the custom jewelry display, because only the custom order, you can choose whatever you want. For example, you can use the color, material, size, different single jewelry display stands about what you really need. And the custom displays can add your logo, your company story on the displays. Also the custom order can make the design what you like. Those are the stocked jewelry display can not achieve.


      •Most importantly, the custom jewelry display will with much higher quality than displays in stock. Because the custom order is new or re-made order, not like some stocked displays which you don’t know how long the supplier keep in their warehouse and how cheap the material they used


      •How to make the custom jewelry displays? Pls send us below details, and then our designer will be make the 3D mock up FYI.


      •tell us the size of the display you need for your shops

      • let us know the material, the color

      • share more the other details, like which kinds such as rings, earrings, necklaces, pendant, bangle, bracelet etc. of the jewelry you want to show on the jewelry display. And let us know the quantity of each style jewelry you want to show on the display

      •send us your vector logo file if you want to add your brand name or other words on the watch display . As usual, we can open the pdf file, AI format file.

      • if you have your own design, pls send us also. We accept the ODM and OEM service.


      •The price of the jewelry displays:

      •As you all know, what you will pay and what you will get. The custom jewelry display will be calculated according to the below element


      • The size of the jewelry display you need


      • the logo craft you will choose for your design, like gold or silver foil logo, metal logo words, metal logo plat, engraved, silk printing, acrylic logo, wooden logo stand, stamping( on the leather) etc., different logo craft will be charged different price, the silk printing is the cheapest among all the crafts above.


      •the surface finished of the jewelry display, for example matte varnished, glossy varnish, wood grains, leather, velvet, suede, microfiber etc.,


      •How many jewelry display units and the design of the single jewelry display stands on the display base.


      •The quantity of the jewelry display order you plan to make

      So before our quotation, we need you confirm the design of the display, know the details what you will choose. And if you can offer the full details and ideas, our designer can help you make the mock up of the jewelry display FYI.

      jewly (7)


      •The MOQ of the display

      •50 sets is the common MOQ for the jewelry display sets, but we accept the trial order like 30 sets for common design.


      •If you need the jewelry display with the metal frame, MOQ is at least 50 sets, because low quantity we can not get the suitable frame material from the market.


      •For the single jewelry display stand, MOQ is 500pcs for one design, and jewelry display trays is about 100-300pcs for one kind.


      •The production time of jewelry display .

      •there will be many different kinds of the jewelry display stand to assemble jewelry display sets, and most parts of them is handmade, so the production time will be longer than the common jewelry box.


      •As usual, it will takes about 45-50 working days for the large sets counter jewelry display sets for mass order 50sets , sample time is about 20-25 working days.
      And it spends approximate 35 working days for the small sets or simple design jewelry display. In a busy season, it may take 7 more working days for mass order production. Sample days for simple design will be about 12-15days.


      •The packaging and delivery of the jewelry displays

      •About the packaging, we will put each single jewelry stand inside a bubble bags, which can avoid the damage or scratch during the shipment, and there will be a inner carton or foam inside the standard export cartons. For the jewelry display sets, there will be one set per carton.
      Outside the cartons we can print the shipping marks for you. Also if you have the special request.


      •For the shipment, for the large sets jewelry display for mass order, we suggest to shipping by boat if time is enough for you. Because this shipment terms can help you save much more shipping cost for orders, but it will take about 40-45 days to get the cargo from China.


      •For the sample, it can use the shipment by air.


      •If you don’t have your own forwarder to help you pick up and arrange the shipment for both sample and mass order, we can help you find the agent to help you to ship, but you need to pay us the shipping cost before shipment.

      jewly (8)

      jewly (9)

       •Last but not least, our company have enough experience in the field of custom jewelry displays. We have our own professional design team which can help you complete the design and make the related mock up of displays for you in a short time. Also our Experienced sales team can help you solve the problems about the details of the design of related product and export service who can help you save much time for your orders.


      •And our strict QC system can help you check the quality of each set of the mass order jewelry display sets, so you don’t need to worry about the quality issues about your orders made from our factory.
      We have cooperated with some famous brands like Hugo boss, Casio, citizen for a long time. If you want to know more the details about us or if you have any problems about the jewelry displays and packaging box, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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