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Paper Jewelry Box

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Paper Jewelry Box

In the past few years, Paper Jewelry Box haven been widely used to pack jewelry in the jewelry industry, replacing the position of plastic jewelry box. Except for paper and plastic material, there are other material jewelry box. However, paper jewelry box becomes mainstream packaging box for jewelry.

  • Here below we will discuss about these issues and introduce paper jewelry boxes with all details.

    • What Material Is Used to Make Jewelry Boxes?

      (1) Leather Jewelry Box

      In general, there are two kind leather jewelry box, PU leather and genuine leather jewelry box.

      PU jewelry boxes generally combine fashionable design elements, and are filled with a strong modern flavor in the taste of the times. Generally divided into crocodile leather jewelry box, plain leather jewelry box, pearl leather jewelry box.

      Genuine leather jewelry box is generally made of cowhide, and now there are some more personalized materials, such as horse skin. Compared with PU, genuine leather jewelry box is more expensive, and the quality is also relatively high-grade. If you want to collect some more expensive gold jewelry or other precious jewelry, most people will choose genuine leather jewelry box. Especially some for important gifts, choosing a brand of genuine leather jewelry box is more popular.

      (2) Wooden Jewelry Box

      Wooden jewelry boxes are relatively simple and elegant, suitable for women with elegant temperament. Generally it is divided into mahogany jewelry box, pine jewelry box, oak jewelry box, mahogany jewelry box, ebony jewelry box, the most characteristic is catalpa wood products, because of its slow growth, it has fine patterns and strong texture. Catalpa is walnut.

      (3) Paper Jewelry Box

      At present, the paper box on the market are generally made of cardboard, which is wrapped with a layer of paper material, such as coated paper, art paper, fancy paper, etc. Paper box is relatively cheap. Generally, silver jewelry stores use it more. It is also the jewelry box style we have seen the most.

      (4) Plastic Jewelry Box

      Plastic jewelry boxes are generally made of PPC, PVC, PET/APET, and processed through a series of processes such as printing, die-cutting, and gluing. Compared with traditional paper boxes and other packaging, plastic boxes (except PVC materials) have the advantages of environmental protection, non-toxicity, high transparency, and more intuitive display of the packaged products, which can effectively improve the quality of product packaging. And this kind of jewelry box is relatively cheap, and generally used in silver jewelry stores.

      (5) Velvet Jewelry Box

      The flocking box is mainly made of plastic, and the surface is flocked, which looks more beautiful and lighter. Flocking boxes are relatively high-end than paper jewelry boxes, and are generally used for silver jewelry, golden jewelry, etc.

      (6) Glass Jewelry Box

      Glass jewelry boxes are generally made of plexiglass, which is not easy to break, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. It is he combination of glass jewelry box and fashion elements gives people a strong sense of the times and modern atmosphere. Glass jewelry boxes are generally used for the storage of jewelry. Moreover, the glass jewelry box can also be used as room decoration, with some flowers and plants, it is very modern.

    • Why Paper Jewelry Box is more popular, but not plastic jewelry box any more?

      It is believed that many people, who are interested in developing jewelry set packaging boxes, want to know why plastic jewelry boxes with hinge were so popular in the past, but after 10 years, the situation began to take a turn for the worse, and many jewelry box factories began to transform into paper jewelry box making. In addition to the sustainable development policy advocated by the government, what other reasons lead to this situation?

      First of all, many plastic boxes have a feature that they are relatively high in dimension.When using these jewelry boxes, there are nothing more than two situations. One is that the jewelry shop use it to package jewelry for their customers. Another one is customers package their jewelry into the box when going out or travel. However, in terms of carrying, they are not particularly suitable for consumers due to its box height. Besides, it will undoubtedly bring a problem when customizing a paper bag for the jewelry box. Most of plastic jewelry box are square and tall, but their floor space is actually not large. It is difficult to find a balance point for loading them into the paper bag. However, the paper jewelry box is different and can solute this problem. Many jewelry box manufacturers choose these two box type for paper jewelry box, lid and base box and drawer box. The height of jewelry paper box is mostly 60%~70% of the plastic jewelry box.

      Then, the natural advantage of the paper jewelry set packaging box is the process used on the mounting paper. The surface of many plastic boxes is made of PU leather, or other non-paper outer mounting paper, and this type of the outer layer materials can only be processed by hot stamping, but there are many choice for the customization of high-end jewelry packaging materials based on paper. Even if there are special treated special papers, some tricky craftsmanship still can be made on it. Moreover, the special paper itself is a pre-processed material, and it also has its certain aesthetics. This paper jewelry packaging box, with a unique specialty paper for mounting, can also be used as a symbolic feature to impress customers.

      In fact, whether it is a plastic jewelry box or a paper jewelry box, it is inseparable from its own function that is used to package the jewelry inside. In fact, the final user is the consumer. To proceed from the consumer's point of view , it is convenient for them to use and they are use the box happily and feel good, it will be a real meaningful change from plastic box to paper box.

    • Paper Jewelry Boxes Material

      Jewelry boxes on the market have different shapes and colors. The material of the jewelry box determines the appearance of the jewelry box. The choice of material is not only a difference in touch, but also a difference in appearance. What are the commonly used paper materials for jewelry boxes?

      Main paper raw material for jewelry box is cardboard, coated paper, art paper, fancy paper, white card paper, black card paper, etc.

      And cardboard is always used to be made of paper box body, then the paper jewelry box need to be covered with surface paper as a decoration. Art paper and fancy paper are mostly used as surface paper. You mean wonder what box style need different paper material for box body and surface, like lid and base paper box, paper drawer box, paper magnetic box, etc.

      Besides, some fancy paper not only can be box surface material, but also can be box body, but it requirement big thicker paper.

    • Inner Holder of Paper Jewelry Box

      We can observe the common jewelry packaging boxes on the market and found that they have a noble and exquisite appearance and a hard and firm structure. These characteristics are also available in ordinary gift boxes. The difference is that, without exception, all jewelry boxes have inner holder. Whether it is a bracelet box or a ring box, it has its existence because the jewelry is small and especially easy to lose. The jewelry is expensive, if it is accidentally lost, it will be a big loss.

      The inner holder can protect the jewelry from being easily lost and scratched by sharp objects, which will affect the value of the jewelry. So what are the characteristics of the inner support of the jewelry box? What effect can it bring to the jewelry box? The following is a detailed introduction to you.

      What does inner holder mean? The inner holder can also be called the inner insert. It is used in jewelry boxes to protect jewelry from damage during shipping and other physical factors. The inner holder can be divided into the following types from the material division.

      (1) EVA Inner Holder

      Now most of the jewelry box inner holder in the market are made of EVA material, which is the mainstream inner holder material currently. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, anti-aging, odorless, and will not be easily scratched. Its performance is extremely high compared to other inner holder materials, unlike general paper inner support that cannot resist external forces and has poor cushioning effect so that the jewelry product in the jewelry box cannot be well protected.

      EVA can be made various colors according to the needs of manufacturers. It has a good viewing angle and looks high-end without being cheap. The EVA inner holder. The inner holder can hook jewelry, will not fall off easily. The safety factor is high and it plays a protective role.

      (2) Sponge Inner Holder

      The sponge inner support has the characteristics of soft appearance, good resilience and strong shock resistance. Therefore, it is also widely used in jewelry boxes inner holder. Compared with EVA, it is cheaper and the current price ratio is extremely high. There are many small holes on the body of the sponge, which are illuminated by the light, just like many stars shining in the background, placing the jewelry on it will make it more shining and show the high-quality texture.

      (3) Velvet Inner Holder

      Jewelry boxes choose flocking cloth as the lining cloth, which is the material that many people choose. The velvet looks fluffy, giving people a gentle feeling. The jewelry box uses this texture as the inner holder, which can bring a warm atmosphere to the jewelry and the jewelry box as a whole. It feels thick and textured, which is very suitable for high-end jewelry. As we known, velvet is characterized by strong three-dimensional effect, bright color, soft hand feeling, luxurious and noble, gorgeous and warm, lifelike image, non-toxic and tasteless, heat preservation and moisture proof, no lint, friction resistance, smooth and no gaps. Generally, the velvet for jewelry box is made of beaded velvet, plush, velveteen, and the plush is smooth and soft to the touch, so velvet is a good choice as an inner lining.

    • Advantages of Paper Jewelry Boxes

      With the increasing requirements for the environmental protection of packaging in the entire international market, paper packaging has become the first choice for environmentally friendly packaging. Compared with other packaging, paper packaging box is economical and beautiful, and can maximize the expression of internal products; environmental protection, carton packaging can be recycled and reused.Paper packaging boxes can be seen in all industries. There, what are the advantages of this packaging that make it so popular?

      (1) Low Cost

      Compared with other packaging designs, the raw material cost of paper is lower, and the use of paper packaging materials can reduce operating costs and improve economic benefits.

      (2) Easy to Be Shipped

      Paper material is lighter in weight, therefore, it is simpler to use paper material for packaging design and shipping. Beside, it can save much shipping cost.

      (3) Environmental Friendly

      Paper packaging is not harmful to the environment but recyclable. Paper Jewelry Box is environmentally friendly and can reduce environmental pollution. In the past, plastic bags were used for packaging, but with the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, plastic packaging has gradually withdrawn from the packaging field. It is more environmentally friendly to use paper packaging box instead of plastic bags.

      (4) Recyclable

      Paper boxes can be recycled and reduce costs. The recycling rate of plastic product packaging is very low, and many people will discard it after using it, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also increases the cost. The paper jewelry box can be recycled, even if it is no longer applicable, it can be recycled, and the cost is relatively affordable.