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Watch Watch
  • Wooden Watch box

    Wooden Watch box

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    Leather Watch box

  • Paper Watch box

    Paper Watch box

  • Watch display stand

    Watch display stand

Jewelry Jewelry
  • Wooden Jewelry box

    Wooden Jewelry box

  • Leather Jewelry box

    Leather Jewelry box

  • Paper Jewelry box

    Paper Jewelry box

  • Jewelry display stand

    Jewelry display stand

Perfume Perfume
  • Wooden Perfume Box

    Wooden Perfume Box

  • Paper Perfume Box

    Paper Perfume Box

paper paper
  • Paper bag

    Paper bag

  • Paper box

    Paper box

watch box


A 40-year-old mechanical watch company from Australia would launch a batch of new watches in August 2018, and needs to customize some high-quality boxes for their new watches. They required that the appearance of the watch box must be good-looking and the design should be youthful, in line with the characteristics of the new watches. Besides, they wanted to receive new watch boxes within 40 days to meet their new watch promotion plan.


To meet customers requirement, our design team finished design drawing within half a day and our customer approved it soon. In general, production time for wooden watch box need at least 45-50 days after design confirmed. But to meet customers tight schedule, our management mobilized all our departments, and finally new watch boxes were finishing within 40 days, including design time. Our customer was very satisfied and their new watches big sales!

watch display


A Swiss watch brand sent a inquiry via our website to look for small quantity watch display stands for their luxury limited version watches. However, many watch display manufacturer refused their request and order as the quantity is too small for production. With final hope, they found our website online and got touch in with our sales. After a simple communication, we decided to accept this small order, to solve customers problem, even though it was a small order. Our company goal is to offer customers best service and provide them with best packaging solution.


We finished this small order of watch display within 35 days. Customer gave us a very feedback that watch display we made was very high quality and perfect match with their luxury limited version watches and their sales increased. And we also got benefit that customer gave us some orders from their others brand.

jewelry box


A jewelry company from United Arab Emirates attended Hong Kong Jewelry Show and visited our booth in 2017. They want to find a wooden jewelry box. For a long time, they could find many beautiful paper jewelry boxes, but did not see a very good quality wooden jewelry box until they came to our booth. Their purchasing manager was attracted by one of our elegant jewelry box for necklace and earring.


We are a specialized jewelry box and jewelry display manufacturer. Our sales introduced our jewelry box in details to this UAE jewelry company. They required wooden jewelry with very high quality lacquered, no easy to be scratched and the shiny lacquer surface need to be in a very high quality shiny like a mirror. They was very satisfied with the quality of our wooden jewelry box in the show. After a meeting, our designer made design drawing according to customers requirement in the booth, which made them amazing. They placed a sample order at once and we finished the customized jewelry box sample within 10 days. The customer also gave us feedback once they received the sample. Finally, they placed a bulk order to us and they also won many appraise about this jewelry box from their clients and their sales increased a lot.

jewelry display


A jewelry brand from America, one of our old customer, want to make a very special jewelry display for new jewelry. After check their design draft, we found that it is a little difficult to realize their design concept. First, metal material in the design is rarely used. Besides, cost of this metal is very high, and MOQ of this metal material is high.


After a meeting with our engineer and purchasing department, we made a solution for our customer reference. We suggest customer to change metal material to save production cost, and to change some design factor to make the jewelry display easy for production, which also influence cost. After getting approval from our valued customer, we arranged all department to prepare. Our design department revised the design at once, then our material purchasing manager spent time to finding alternative material in the market, and finally, he really found a similar metal material but with lower cost.


Finally, our customer approved our revised design drawing and price. We produced new jewelry display in their expected schedule. The customer expressed their appreciation after the order finished, as we helped them to realize their design concept but with lower cost.

perfume box


A perfume brand from Dubai, which had a 30 years history, wanted to make a gift for their customers, to express their thank you for their customers’ support in the pass years. They prepared several classic perfume sample and want to pack them into a special gift box. As a previous gift, they customized a luxury wooden gift box to pack their classic perfume sample from other box manufacturer, but they found that the box was very heavy to carry, also inconvenient for shipping so that shipping cost is high. The most important is that the insert could not protect the perfume bottle well so that some perfume bottle was broken during transportation. This is a very serious problem, which may make their customer unhappy. And it is against their original intention.


Therefore, they found us and hope we can help them to solve this problem. After a discussion, we made this solution to them. First, wood material is changed into plastic material to reduce weight. Second, to change paper insert into EVA insert. EVA insert can be cut into shape as same as perfume bottle, and EVA material can hold the perfume tight, avoiding damage and broken during shipping. Besides, EVA insert looks elegant than paper insert.


We made a new perfume box sample quickly for customer to check and won their bulk order and good feedback. They said that the perfume box we made was excellent because it is light and can save shipping cost. What is important that they did not receive broken complain from their customers any more.

paper box


A candle company from UK wanted to make a new packaging box to replace their old candle box, because the old design candle box looks stiff and outmoded. They want a packaging with rigid and straight side, but their old paper box supplier told them paper box could not made as rigid and straight side, only wooden box can do that. But they did not like wooden box due to cost, as well as they though wood is not recycle and not environmentally friendly. Besides, their old candle packaging box could not protect the candle well so that they always received broken complain from their clients.


According to customers problem, we made a solution for them. Actually, paper box also can be made with rigid and straight side by making a V slot, so paper material can be kept. In this way, they can no worry about material cost factor. About broken problem, we suggested that a insert is added into the box. The insert will be made according to size and shape of candle to make them perfect match, then the insert can hold the candle tightly, to decrease risk of damage and broken.


After our new paper box for candle being used, our customers gave us a feedback that the new candle paper box is what the style they like, and the important point is that broken complain was decreased too much.

paper bag


A wine factory from Australia, which is a family business with more than 35 year history, want to make a strong bag for their wine. After their sales’ report, most of their customers buy 2 bottles wine per time, but they only has small paper bag for 1 bottle. Each time they need take 2pcs paper bag for each order. It is a little inconvenient and waste, also is not good for environmental protection. Therefore, they decided to make a bigger paper bag which can pack 2 bottles wine. But there is a problem that normal paper bag could not pack 2 bottles wine as it is heavy and the paper bag is easy to be broken.


They found us and hope we can help them to solve this problem and make a perfect paper bag for them. Our engineer gave below advice and ideas to them. First, to choose a thicker paper material, which is not easy broken. Second, we will fasten the bottom of paper bag by a special glue and special folding method, to avoid the wine fall down from the bottom of paper bag. The last is that we will choose a wider twist rope as handle, which can hold heavy thing. Finally, the wine factory accepted our suggestion and placed a bulk order, and they said bigger paper bag is strong enough and never occur broken situation even 2 bottle wine pack into the paper bag. Furthermore, their finance report that packaging cost was decreased after they made a double bottle paper bag.

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