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Watch Watch
  • Wooden Watch box

    Wooden Watch box

  • Leather Watch box

    Leather Watch box

  • Paper Watch box

    Paper Watch box

  • Watch display stand

    Watch display stand

Jewelry Jewelry
  • Wooden Jewelry box

    Wooden Jewelry box

  • Leather Jewelry box

    Leather Jewelry box

  • Paper Jewelry box

    Paper Jewelry box

  • Jewelry display stand

    Jewelry display stand

Perfume Perfume
  • Wooden Perfume Box

    Wooden Perfume Box

  • Paper Perfume Box

    Paper Perfume Box

paper paper
  • Paper bag

    Paper bag

  • Paper box

    Paper box


Box&Display Design Based On Customer Preferences And Business Needs

Huaxin's design institute has always been committed to designing durable and pleasing packaging products, which is why we can provide boxes and display racks for many international fashion brands

Huaxin's designer team is full of passion and imagination. Years of research on fashion trends have given them a keen sense of smell. This group of talents will make your product packaging unique and creative

Meet The Creative Design Team

Young people are more creative, rich experience makes products more reliable, huaxin's design team perfectly combines these two points


Michael Li

Design Director

With more than 10 years of experience in box design, he has worked as a designer for many well-known furniture companies. He is good at combining the characteristics and trends of materials to create unique and functional box designs. His works are widely used in household, office and retail fields, and have won unanimous praise from customers.

Tracy Lin

Tracy Lin

Design Director

 Tracy Lin have extensive experience in the field of watch display stand design. With an overview of global design styles, she is able to integrate fashion and practicality, and inject fashion elements into watch display stands. Her design works help clients improve their brand image and sales effect, and have won recognition from the industry.


Jennifer Zhao


Sarah Luo

Joseph Li


Angela Wu

Janice Chen


Doris Chen

Amy Zhang



See What We Can Design For Your Product Packaging



Exquisite, high-quality packaging appearance can enhance the value of the product. Consumers usually think that the products contained in a beautiful box must also be carefully crafted



The practicability of packaging has a great impact on business. We help customers design products that are more convenient to carry and display in different sizes and types

Logo Craft

We are good at logo design that is concise, clear and consistent with the brand image, considering product packaging materials and printing technology, creating a sense of visual hierarchy, and ensuring the scalability and applicability of the design.

Better durability and lower cost

• Material selection: Choose high-quality materials such as strong wood, durable metal or scuff-resistant plastic for better protection and support structure.

• Structural design: optimize the structural design of the watch box, such as adding internal reinforcements, designing a reasonable clamshell or locking system, and strengthening the inner lining to reduce wear and damage.

• Process Technology: Using advanced process technology, such as precise cutting, seamless splicing, strong connection, etc., to ensure the stable structure and high durability of the watch box.

• Surface treatment: use wear-resistant and waterproof surface coating or process treatment, such as paint, spray paint, coating, etc., to improve the wear resistance and durability of the watch box

Cost Reduce
Durability Increased