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Watch Watch
  • Wooden Watch box

    Wooden Watch box

  • Leather Watch box

    Leather Watch box

  • Paper Watch box

    Paper Watch box

  • Watch display stand

    Watch display stand

Jewelry Jewelry
  • Wooden Jewelry box

    Wooden Jewelry box

  • Leather Jewelry box

    Leather Jewelry box

  • Paper Jewelry box

    Paper Jewelry box

  • Jewelry display stand

    Jewelry display stand

Perfume Perfume
  • Wooden Perfume Box

    Wooden Perfume Box

  • Paper Perfume Box

    Paper Perfume Box

paper paper
  • Paper bag

    Paper bag

  • Paper box

    Paper box


Reliable lead time

Providing efficient and always reliable delivery times for our customers is the principle of Huaxin. We will inform you of the delivery time for each product in its description, and we will deliver the products on time according to the delivery time we provide to you. We will provide you with a surprising delivery experience.

Never exceed the longest delivery time.
Timely synchronize the production progress and logistics information of your goods.
For urgent orders, we will make full use of our supply chain advantages to help you solve difficulties through external procurement, coordinated production, and dedicated quality supervision and inspection.

Taking the sample of a wooden watch box as an example, the total time required for each link is as follows

Demand communication(total days)
Design confirmation(total days)
DesignPurchase of raw materials(total days)
Production(total days)
Logistics(total days)

Why lead time matters?

Stable delivery schedules will assist you

Ensuring your product manufacturing process is coordinated and smooth.

Improving inventory planning and management for product packaging.

Guaranteeing that you do not miss crucial sales opportunities.

Delivering goods on time as promised to customers is an art of management for packaging manufacturers. We must strive to excel at every step to help customers achieve their ultimate business goals.

The stable delivery time comes from the joint efforts of everyone in the Huaxin team

02 Sales Team (2)

01 Accurately understand your needs ➙

The efficient communication capability of Huaxin stems from our sales managers having 29 years of industry experience. They can quickly and accurately grasp your needs in terms of size, appearance design, material, function, and more.


04 Advanced mechanical equipment ➙

Our mechanical equipment has the ability to operate with high precision and high speed, and can meet the production needs of different types and scales.

01 Design Team (1)(1)

02 Fast delivery of designs ➙

After confirming the customer's needs, our design team will provide the design proposal for the product within one day. This is an internal regulation of our company, so you don't have to waste time waiting for the proposal.

line (3)

05 Skilled workers and advanced production management process ➙

 Huaxin values the training and skills improvement of our employees, ensuring that they possess rich handcrafting experience and professional knowledge. At the same time, we strictly implement efficient production management processes to ensure a smooth production process, thereby improving production efficiency and product quality.


03 Raw materials are in sufficient stock ➙

To ensure the continuity of production and timely meet customer demands, we maintain sufficient inventory of raw materials. We cooperate with stable suppliers, establish long-term cooperative relationships, and obtain high-quality raw materials with ample stock. This enables us to start production promptly.


06 Stable logistics partner

We have established long-term cooperative relationships with reliable logistics partners. They have rich logistics experience and professional handling capabilities, providing safe and punctual logistics services domestically and internationally. Your logistics progress will also be timely synchronized with you.