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Paper Box

Paper box packaging is the most mainstream packaging method currently. With the gradual expansion of the packaging and printing industry, all kinds of paper gift box products have entered the market, which has made the current packaging market prosperous.

  • Unique and creative product packaging can not only improve the grade of gifts, but also help to protect the products.

    • Paper Box Design

      Paper box customization will be classified according to brand and product positioning, and the style of design is also different. The purpose of paper box customization is to display the goods, let customers understand the products well through the packaging box, and stimulate customers' desire to buy. With the advancement of printing technology, the application range of paper box will become wider and wider, and it is not so easy to make a paper box that satisfies customers. Let's talk about how to design a unique paper box and make it into a real paper box sample.

      (1) Paper Box Design Principles

      1.1Safety Protection

      For any packaging product, safety will be the first priority. Therefore, when designing the paper packaging box, we must fully consider the safety protection of the product, and consider the safety and practical issues of the product during transportation, storage, exhibition, and carrying. Different paper packaging boxes for gifts require different packaging materials. The choice of packaging materials should be determined according to the properties of the gift. At the same time, attention should be paid to the moisture resistance, vibration resistance, pressure resistance and leakage resistance of the gift. Make sure that the gift is intact under all circumstances.

      1.2Promotional Function

      The design of the paper box must have a promotional function, so that the product has a better marketing and promotion effect. A successful packaging box design can attract the attention of consumers for the first time among many products and stimulate consumers' desire to buy. Therefore, many businesses now choose transparent packaging boxes, which can meet the diversified needs of consumers.

      1.3Environmentally friendly

      Paper box design must pay attention to environmental protection, especially gift packaging. In the design process, not only the aesthetics and practicability of the packaging box, but also the environmental protection of the paper packaging box must be considered. In a beautiful packaging box, if it is harmful to the body or pollutes the environment, it will not be chosen by consumers in the end, and it will not occupy more advantages in the market.

      (2) Components of Paper Box Design

      2.1Trademark Design

      Trademark design is displayed in the form of symbols and is the symbolic image of enterprises, institutions, commodities and various facilities. Its characteristics are determined by its function and form. It mainly expresses the rich conveyed content in a simpler, more generalized form in a relatively small space, and requires the observer in a relatively short period of time to understand its inner meaning. Trademarks can generally be divided into three forms: word marks, graphic marks, and trademarks that combine words and graphics. Creativity is the synthesis, analysis, induction, and generalization of a certain concept according to the design requirements, and through philosophical thinking, abstraction is transformed into an image, and the design concept is gradually transformed from abstract evaluation performance into concrete image design.

      2.2Graphic Design

      As the language of design, it is to express the internal and external components of the image, and to convey the information to consumers in the form of visual images. To achieve this goal, the accurate positioning of the graphic design is very critical. The process of positioning is the process of getting familiar with the whole content of the product, including the nature of the product, the meaning of the trademark, the name of the product, and the status quo of similar products, which must be familiarized and studied. The graphics used here can be divided into physical graphics and decorative graphics by their forms of expression. The commercial nature of commodity packaging determines that the design should highlight the real image of the commodity, and give consumers an intuitive image. The performance of a real and intuitive visual image is a better way to express the packaging and decoration design.

      2.3Color Design

      Color Design is an important factor in beautifying and highlighting the product. Proper use of it will be closely related to the conception and composition of the entire picture design. Most of the ice cream packaging designs are based on people's associations and color habits, and a high degree of exaggeration and discoloration is a means of packaging art. At the same time, the color of the packaging must also be subject to the restrictions and limitations of the craftsmanship, materials, uses and sales areas. The color requirements in packaging design are eye-catching, strong contrast, strong attractiveness and competitiveness, in order to arouse consumers' desire to buy and promote sales.

    • How to design a creative and unique Paper Box?

      When consumers buy products, they are easily impressed when they encounter their favorite packaging boxes, especially some high-end packaging design paper gift boxes. After all, people's living standards have improved, and aesthetics have naturally improved a lot. Whether a product's packaging looks good or not will affect consumers' choices to a certain extent. Enterprises should pay more attention to the design of paper packaging boxes. Let's talk about how to show the unique style of the product when the carton is customized.

      (1) Innovation

      Only by keeping pace with the times can we design packaging products with distinctive personality and extraordinary taste. Continuous innovation is the basis for custom paper box design. Different products require different paper box styles, so only continuous innovation can catch the attention of customers and design works that satisfy customers.

      (2) Diversified Fusion

      The diverse composition has not only objective and meticulous scientific research, but also a thriving plastic arts. And with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, everyone's aesthetic awareness is getting higher and higher. Therefore, comprehensive consideration should be given to the customization of the paper gift box, and different elements should be properly integrated to create the unique style of the packaged goods.

      (3) Environmental Friendly Concept

      In the paper box design, we should try to use the same raw materials, which is conducive to purchasing. To considering the reuse of materials and the solubility of raw materials, different raw materials can be used in the design of product packaging boxes to advocate green environmental protection.

    • Paper Box Style

      In our daily life, we are completely inseparable from the existence of paper product packaging boxes. There are many applications of paper boxes, ranging from a courier box to a work of art. Many are related to paper packaging boxes, so what are the classifications of paper packaging boxes ? Below are some regular paper box style.

      (1) Book Shaped Box

      What is a book box? It is also called magnetic paper box as it need a magnet to keep the box closed. To put it simply, it is similar to a book, and it is named because it is opened like a book and a flip book. It is a type of flip box, which consists of two parts, an inner box and a surface paper sheet. Then magnet will be assembled on the closure. Generally, only a pair of magnet will be used on regular size book shaped box, but big size box requires 2 pairs of magnet or more.Many products use book shaped box as it really looks more high-end and atmospheric. it is quite appropriate to choose a book-shaped box for gift packaging.

      (2) Drawer Box

      In addition to the lid and base box and the magnetic book shaped box, the commonly used box type of the paper box is the drawer box. Packaging boxes with different structures will give people different feelings. For example, drawer boxes give people a sense of mystery, which makes people eager to know what is inside. Paper drawer box is composed of two part, the inner box and the outer box, and it is opened by pushing (pulling) the two boxes.

      The paper drawer box is inspired by the common drawers in our daily life. The box cover and the box body are two independent structures. The packaging box of this structure is suitable for gift packaging, clothing packaging, jewelry packaging and cosmetic packaging. Another advantage of drawer boxes is that they can be sort out product. Different from other packaging box types, drawer boxes have single layer, double layer and even multi-layer. For example, this moon cake packaging box is a double-layered drawer box. Different flavors can be placed on the upper and lower layers, which not only satisfies the appetite of customers, but also makes the product arrangement more orderly and beautiful.

      The drawer box made of paper material is not only practical, but also enhances the added value of the product through decoration. Through bronzing, UV, embossing, printing and other processes, it can not only beautify the paper box, but also highlight the product brand and play a role in advertising. In addition, the drawer box can also be equipped with inner linings made of different materials to fix and protect the product.

      (3) Lid and Base Box

      Lid and base box is one of paper box, also called lid and bottom box, which is always made of hard cardboard and soft surface paper. It is widely used in various types of hardcover gift boxes, such as shoe boxes, underwear boxes, shirt boxes, mobile phone boxes and other packaging boxes.

      As people's awareness of environmental protection increases and all the worlds attention, the industry of paper box has developed rapidly, and the production capacity has increased significantly. Due to the low production cost and convenient storage and transportation, suitable for various printing methods such as (flat printing/offset printing, letterpress printing, screen printing), easy forming and processing (die-cutting, indentation, Folding and bonding), suitable for automatic packaging, easy to sell, display and recycle, conducive to environmental protection and other characteristics, lid and base paper box is widely used in the packaging of tobacco and alcohol, medicines, food, beverages, daily necessities, and handicrafts. Especially after surface finishing (glazing, lamination, hot stamping, embossing), it is conducive to the promotion and promotion of products, and improves the added value of products.

      This lid and base box is one of the most common packaging structure in daily life. The structure of the lid and base paper box is that tangent lines are pressed on the box surface according to different graphics, and the box lid can be opened to see not only the goods, but also the decoration graphics, text and trademarks on the box surface. The lid and base box has the characteristics of easy opening, easy to take out the goods, and easy to display and publicize the goods.

      (4) Cylinder Paper box

      Today, there are various paper packaging box forms on the market, which meet the differentiated packaging needs of different industries. In recent years, paper packaging has been welcomed by the market, among which Cylinder Paper box has attracted widespread favor from the market. The paper cylinder packaging box is different from the traditional paper packaging. The traditional paper packaging box is in rectangle box and square box, while the cylinder carton has a cylindrical three-dimensional structure, which is obviously different from the traditional paper box. With the development of the domestic packaging industry, the forms of paper cylinder packaging boxes are becoming more and more diverse.

      The cylinder paper box uses paper as the main raw material, which is more in line with the concept of green development. Different from traditional paper packaging, the paper cylinder packaging box can realize packaging with different functional attributes according to different production processes, and meet the customized needs of paper packaging in different industries. Among them, it is very representative that the cylinder paper box can achieve excellent sealing performance. The excellent sealing performance of the paper cylinder packaging box is favored by many industries, especially the food industry that has strict requirements on packaging sealing, which meets the sealing needs of most food products for paper packaging. Nowadays, paper cylinder packaging boxes have been used in many fields such as food, daily chemical products, gifts, electronic products and so on.

      (5) Corrugated Paper Box

      Corrugated paper box, also called paper shipping box, is a very popular paper packaging box for shipping and mail. It can be used for many industries for packaging and it can protect the product well during transportation.

      With the increasing development of the Internet, the threshold is lower, and the self-employed and small businesses that open online stores are also rising. How to avoid the wear and tear of the goods in the delivery process is a problem that must be considered. Therefore, more and more merchants will choose relatively low-cost and high-cost-effective packaging boxes as the first choice for delivery packing boxes. In addition, because it can print information such as store names and addresses, it can improve customers' awareness of the brand and increase customer stickiness.

      And the most important point why many business man like paper shipping box is that it is a foldable paper box. Volume of it is much smaller than other type paper box, then it can save shipping cost and storage space.

      (6) Folding Paper Box

      From the perspective of technology, folding paper box refers to "the paper box that can be folded into sheets after die-cutting, creasing, folding and bonding, and can be shaped when used". The production process of folding paper box is to press the printed cardboard in the paper box factory and deliver it to the user. The product will be packaged after being folded and formed by the user. Users can insert relevant plates into corresponding slit plates into boxes.

      Folding paper packaging box provides a lot of creativity and flexibility for the brand side, because folding paper box can not only design the appearance of the packaging, but also print the interior. Folding paper boxes, like common packaging boxes, can have enough creative space, and can also attract customers' attention through some small decorations.

    • What are the advantages of Paper Boxes?

      Tin cans, wooden boxes, glass bottles, plastic boxes, cartons, all kinds of packaging boxes can be seen everywhere in daily life, and paper packaging boxes are more common. So why do so many businesses use paper boxes? Huaxin Paper Box Factory will reveal for you, what are the advantages of paper packaging boxes?

      (1) Suitable for various printing methods

      Surface of paper box can be adapted to letterpress printing, lithography, gravure printing, and can also be photoengraved or decorated with pattern text, which is beneficial to product promotion and sales. The paper packaging box is beautiful, easy to print, and rich in color, which can promote the sale of goods.

      (2) Low Cost

      The sources of paper materials are very extensive, and the cost price is relatively low. We all know that the source of paper products is trees, and the raw materials are naturally produced, so the resources are relatively abundant. Using cardboard to process various types of paper boxes is cheaper than packaging materials such as metal, plastic, glass, etc.

      (3) Easy To Process

      It is easier to process the cardboard and paper material into the required various shapes of paper boxes by means of knives, cutting and rolling, folding, and gluing.

      (4) Short Production Time

      In general, production time for paper box is around 15 days. Compared with wooden box production, it is a very short time. Customers can get the paper box at a short time and it will help for their purchase plan and sales.

      (5) Easy To Store And Transport

      The paper packaging box is lightweight and easy to carry. Moreover, the paper box is folded before use, which greatly reduces the space occupied by storage and transportation, and the transportation cost is low. The production is mainly mechanical operation, and the labor cost is low.

      (6) Environmentally Friendly and Recyclable

      The packaging materials of paper boxes are non-toxic, odorless, very safe and environmentally friendly, green and safe, and can meet the packaging requirements of different commodities. Its processing and storage and transportation are also very convenient, and the paper packaging container can be recycled. Therefore, compared with other materials, paper packaging materials generate very little waste. Even after being discarded, it can be degraded in a short period of time, and it will not pollute the environment. Paper packaging materials are environmentally friendly and renewable, and are now a sustainable green packaging method, which is also very in line with the current sustainable development requirements. Therefore, many people will choose paper box as product packaging box or gift box.

    • How to Find a Good Paper Box Manufacturer?

      Nowadays, people's lifr quality is constantly improving. While paying attention to the quality of goods, they also have requirements for the packaging box of products. Of course, in the case of not over-packaging, it's just a normal commodity box. The manufacturer of the product does not produce packaging boxes. The packaging boxes are customized or mass-produced by professional packaging box manufacturers according to the nature of the product and packaging requirements. When you try to find paper box factory, you should pay attention below points.

      (1) Should be a formal packaging box manufacturer

      For packaging box, although it is not an important part of commodity production, it is also an inseparable part. The material of the box should also be selected according to the nature of the packaged goods. For example, the products are divided into use and food, and the materials of the packaging boxes are different, and they should also be divided into use and food grade. Only regular manufacturers will guarantee the packaging material.

      (2) Should be a strong strength paper box manufacturer

      Since the packaging box manufacturer is not only aimed at one product manufacturer but aimed at commodity producers in the whole society, then it should have strong strength. The strengths mentioned here include convenient transportation, clear division of labor in the workshop, the number of employees that can cope with the production of packaging boxes, and the availability of packaging box design. Because some commodities need packaging boxes, but commodity manufacturers are not good at the design and materials of packaging boxes, then packaging box manufacturers must have these technologies to serve commodity manufacturers.

      In addition, powerful paper box manufacturers provide design and production services, which also saves consumers from having to go to production companies and saves intermediate links. A strong company has service specifications. From pre-design to getting the finished product, the entire cooperation process is relatively easy, and it can follow up your needs in a timely manner, so there is less follow-up trouble caused by cooperation. On another hand, there is a company factory that integrates design and production, with sufficient experience in customization. The designer has a high level of design and can customize the appropriate gift box style according to customer needs. There will be no collisions, not the same design in the market , used for gift-giving can also show the sincere attitude and strength of the gift-giving party.