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Watch Watch
  • Wooden Watch box

    Wooden Watch box

  • Leather Watch box

    Leather Watch box

  • Paper Watch box

    Paper Watch box

  • Watch display stand

    Watch display stand

Jewelry Jewelry
  • Wooden Jewelry box

    Wooden Jewelry box

  • Leather Jewelry box

    Leather Jewelry box

  • Paper Jewelry box

    Paper Jewelry box

  • Jewelry display stand

    Jewelry display stand

Perfume Perfume
  • Wooden Perfume Box

    Wooden Perfume Box

  • Paper Perfume Box

    Paper Perfume Box

paper paper
  • Paper bag

    Paper bag

  • Paper box

    Paper box


Top manufacturer of custom display and packaging boxes in China-since1994

Established in 1994 in the Panyu District of Guangzhou City, Huaxin has emerged as a frontrunner in the industry, specializing in the manufacturing of displays, packaging boxes, and paper bags tailored for an extensive array of products, ranging from watches and jewelry to cosmetics and eyewear. With an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, we foster enduring partnerships by continuously striving to meet the unique demands of our clients. Our persistent pursuit of excellence drives us to surpass yesterday's achievements, as we endeavor to become the preferred supplier of top-notch packaging boxes and displays for the jewelry and watch trade. Trust Huaxin for tailor-made solutions that amplify the allure of your brand.

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Our printing equipment


What is printing?
Printing is a technology that transfers ink to the surface of paper, textiles, plastics, leather, PVC, PC and other materials through such processes as plate making, inking, and pressurization to copy the contents of original documents such as words, pictures, photos, and anti-counterfeiting. Printing is the process of transferring the approved printing plate to the substrate through printing machinery and special ink.

What are the printing processes?
1.Pre-press refers to the work before printing, generally including photography, design or production, typesetting, film production, printing, etc.
2.Printing refers to the process of printing finished products in the middle of printing.
3.Post printing refers to the work in the later stage of printing. Generally, it refers to the post processing of printed materials, including film covering, paper mounting, cutting or die cutting, window pasting, paste box, quality inspection, etc.

Printing Type
In addition to selecting appropriate printing materials and inks, the final effect of printed matter still needs to be completed by appropriate printing methods. There are many types of printing, different methods, different operations, and different costs and effects. The main classification methods are as follows.
1.According to the relative position of the image and text and non image and text areas on the printing plate, the common printing methods can be divided into four categories: relief printing, intaglio printing, offset printing and hole printing.
2.According to the paper feeding method used by the printing machine, printing can be divided into flat paper printing and web paper printing.
3.According to the number of printing colors, the printing methods can be classified into monochrome printing and color printing.


Our Polishing Machine


Sanding and polishing is one of process for wooden boxes and displays production. They are similar act but with different meanings.

Sanding is a kind of surface modification technology, which generally refers to a processing method to change the physical properties of material surface by friction with the help of rough objects (sandpaper containing high hardness particles, etc.), and the main purpose is to obtain specific surface roughness.

Polishing refers to a processing method that uses mechanical, chemical or electrochemical effects to reduce the surface roughness of the workpiece to obtain a bright and flat surface. It refers to the surface modification of the workpiece by using polishing tools, abrasive particles or other polishing media.

To put it simply, sanding is to make the surface of an object smooth, while polishing is to make the surface shiny.


Lacquering spraying refers to spraying paint into mist with compressed air on wood or iron. This is a very important step for wooden box and display manufacturing. Most surface of wooden boxes and display are always covered with lacquered. And almost color are available for lacquered as long as customers give us a Pantone color number.

In general, lacquering is divided into shiny lacquered and matte lacquered.


Anti-corrosion Coatings