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Leather Jewelry Box

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Leather Jewelry Box

Every woman likes to wear beautiful clothes and the surface fabrics of jewelry boxes are just like clothes. Common fabrics for jewelry box is PU leather. High-quality leather often is chosen to be made jewelry box. The texture of the leather jewelry box is special and clear, it is very textured, the luster is delicate, and it is also waterproof and anti-fouling, so many people like the leather jewelry box.

  • Leather Jewelry Box is always a prior choice for jewelry brand and jewelry shop owner because of its characteristic and superiority.

    • What is the function of Leather Jewelry Box?

      Main function of Leather Jewelry Boxes display and storage jewelry. In general, jewelry boxes are thicker than other ordinary boxes. There is also the effect of anti-fall, which can effectively protect your precious jewelry.

      Besides, a good jewelry box can also classify jewelry and storage them in the right place. There are places for earrings, diamond rings and necklaces in a good jewelry box. Unified storage, easy to take and wear.

      Jewelry boxes also can be a decoration at home because it is generally more exquisite and elegant.

      If you are selling jewelry, a good jewelry box can improve the overall quality of your store and give customers a better impression. Jewelry box also is a part of brand image.

    • Structure of Leather Jewelry Box

      When it comes to box structure, the first point is box style. There are several box style available for leather jewelry box. They are hinged box and lid and base box. They have common structure that a lid and base. The only difference is that the hinged box need a metal hinge to link the lid and base, while there is no need hinge for lid and base box which the lid can be put the box base directly to close the box.

      Then, both two box style need to be covered with surface finished. PU leather is mostly chosen as its elegance. While inside also should be covered with inner lining. Usually used material for inner lining is velvet and faux leather as well as microfiber which will cost higher.

      Final but very important part for a jewelry box is insert which to hold and display jewelry. Different jewelry need different inserts.

    • Different Kinds of Jewelry Box Insert and Its Usage

      (1) Ring Pads for Ring Boxes

      Ring pads is usually made of a set of strip-shaped flannel sponge pads, which is specially used to hold the ring fixedly inside the box as well as secure and protect your precious ring. In addition to display and storage rings, it is also a good choice for cufflinks or earrings. Another style ring pad is made of a metal hooks and cardboard pad.

      (2) Earring Pads for Earring Boxes

      Earring fixed pads are specially used to fix and protect your ear stud accessories and earring. Usually, ear stud holes are arranged on the partition to fix the ear studs, or the ear studs can be set at the position of the box lid. There are also be made as a removable pads with stud holes.

      (3) Necklace Hooks for Necklace Boxes

      Necklace hooks insert are specially used to secure and protect your necklaces, usually in the form of snaps or hooks. The bottom is usually equipped with a hidden pocket with an elastic band to store the hanging necklace.

      (4) Cushion for Bangle and Bracelet

      This cushion is specially designed to fix and display your bracelet or Bangle, as well as to display watches. This kind of cushion is usually made of cotton and velvet or PU leather.

      (5) Small Compartment

      There are various sizes and shapes of small compartments, so that your precious jewelry can be placed individually. Usually slender designs are prepared for necklaces, while square ones are prepared for bracelets, brooches, earrings, hairpins, cufflinks and other accessories according to the size and depth.

    • Material of Insert in the Leather Jewelry Box

      (1) Foam and Stain

      The most commonly used jewelry box lining is foam, which has the advantage of good protection. Like some jade jewelry, similar to jade bangles, the inner lining is made of golden satin cloth, and foam is placed on the bottom layer, which is more high-end and adds protection.

      (2) Sponge

      Due to its moderate cost and convenient processing, people prefer to use sponge to make inner holder for jewelry box, and it is easy to cut. It is suitable for many box shapes without too many restrictions. At the same time, it has good protection and effectively improves the buffering force. For example, sponge insert is used for common and cheap jewelry boxes which are not very complicated in shape. Generally, these jewelry box are mostly rectangular, and the internal slots are also rectangular, so it is more convenient to place the sponge in the jewelry box.

      (3) EVA

      EVA is a similar material to sponge but harder and strong than it. Therefore, to use EVA as insert to protect the jewelry is safer than sponge. EVA insert is applicable to the requirements of placing jewelry box molding and it is generally used for larger boxes.

    • Logo Craft on Leather Jewelry Box

      Logo is the most important part for brand image. Therefore, many customers require to print their brand name and logo on the jewelry box. Of course, there are many options for box logo craft, but if for logo on leather box, there are three logo craft usually being printed on the leather surface. They are as below, hot stamped logo, silkscreen logo and debossed logo.

      Hot stamped logo is chosen mostly as the hot stamped will be shiny and looks shiny under sunlight and light, which will make the leather jewelry box looks luxury. There are many color option for hot stamped logo. Some are solid color, some are shiny effect, some are holographic effect.  You can select the favor color from the stamped color sample book. The golden and silvery hot stamped are used mostly.

      Silkscreen logo is widely used because it can be printed for all kinds of boxes, no matter what material, such wooden jewelry box, leather jewelry box, plastic jewelry box, paper jewelry box. Whats more, cost of silkscreen logo is lower than other logo craft. Therefore, this is very good selection, economical but nice.

      Debossed logo is a very special logo craft as it only can be used on leather surface. It requires soft material. Debossed logo on leather jewelry box is printed by a strong pressure, then the logo is debossed.

    • How to clean the Leather Jewelry Box?

      (1) Carefully wipe the jewelry box , and forbidden to wipe with a dry rag

      When wiping the jewelry box, we try not to use coarse cloth or old clothes that are no longer worn as rags, to avoid damage the glossy paint on the surface of the jewelry box, the coarse cloth, the cloth with thread ends, or the stitches, buttons, etc. This will cause the surface of the jewelry box to scratch and injury, and it should be avoided as much as possible.

      It is also forbidden to wipe with dry rags to maintain the jewelry box. First, it is difficult to clean the dust on the surface with dry rags. Secondly, the dust is composed of fibers, sand and silica. The dry rag is easy to damage the lacquer surface or leather surface of the jewelry box, although these scratches are very small and even invisible to the naked eye, but over time, it will cause the surface of the jewelry to be dull and dull. The correct way is to wipe the jewelry box lightly by towel, cotton, cotton or flannel cloth and other absorbent fabrics.

      (2) Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight

      Many people find that some of the water is not dry after wiping the jewelry box, so they put it in the sun and hope to dry it early. In fact, this approach is very stupid, because most jewelry boxes are made of wooden and leather. After passing through water, light and heat, the jewelry box will be out of shape due to thermal expansion and contraction, or even the skin will fall off, which greatly reduces the service life and beauty of the jewelry box

      (3) Do not use soapy water, detergent or clean water to clean the jewelry box

      Many people use soapy water, detergent or clean water to clean jewelry boxes. In fact, this behavior is not advisable, because cleaning products such as soapy water and detergent can not only effectively remove the dust accumulated on the surface of jewelry boxes, but also cannot remove dust. Furthermore, they are corrosive to a certain extent and will damage the surface of the jewelry box and make the paint surface of the jewelry box dull. If the water goes into the wood, it will also cause mold or local deformation of the wood, reducing the service life of the jewelry box.

      Everyone needs to use the correct method when maintaining the jewelry box in order to prolong the life of the jewelry box.

    • How to customize Leather Jewelry Box?

      First, please let us know what kinds of leather jewelry box you need, necklace jewelry box, jewelry ring box, bangle box, earring box, etc? All these jewelry packaging boxes are in our product range. Whats more, you also need to make it clear what box style you want? Hinged box and lid and base box are available for leather jewelry box. What color and texture of PU leather you want? What materials you prefer for the box body, metal, wood, or plasticWhat inner lining you want, leatherette, velvet ,stain or microfiber? What logo color you want, then we will advise logo craft for you? What kind of jewelry will be put inside the jewelry gift box, then related insert will be made?

      Moving to next step, Huaxin design team will make a design rendering for you according to your requirements, then you can check what your jewelry box look like. After the design confirmed, we will quote you a competitive price.

      Third step, if you confirm the price and design drawing, we can make a sample for you if you place a sample order. Of course, sample is not free and be charged. But the sample cost can be refunded in mass production amount if your order amount exceed USD10000. Before the sample delivered to you, we inspect and test jewelry box sample, then take photos and videos for you to check and confirm. The box sample will be delivered to you once getting your confirmation. After the sample is approved by you, we will arrange production once receiving order from you. For certain, if you need some revisions based on sample, we can directly revise them in mass production.

      And then, when production finished, our production team will assemble and test the jewelry box to confirm no any fault and flaw. Then, before being packed into export carton, all leather jewelry box will be inspected and checked by our quality control team to ensure product quality. Finally, we will provide you with logistic service if you need, deliver the goods to you. Of course, you can ask forwarder arrange transportation if you have your own forwarder agent.

      We also have a professional after-sales team to offer you good service, if you have any question and problem after receiving the leather jewelry box, you can contact us any time and we will offer our best service for you.