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Watch Watch
  • Wooden Watch box

    Wooden Watch box

  • Leather Watch box

    Leather Watch box

  • Paper Watch box

    Paper Watch box

  • Watch display stand

    Watch display stand

Jewelry Jewelry
  • Wooden Jewelry box

    Wooden Jewelry box

  • Leather Jewelry box

    Leather Jewelry box

  • Paper Jewelry box

    Paper Jewelry box

  • Jewelry display stand

    Jewelry display stand

Perfume Perfume
  • Wooden Perfume Box

    Wooden Perfume Box

  • Paper Perfume Box

    Paper Perfume Box

paper paper
  • Paper bag

    Paper bag

  • Paper box

    Paper box


Gary Tan

Huaxin Founder

Gary Tan


"The employees I admire the most are those who are willing to argue with me for the benefit of the customers."


Gary has always emphasized gratitude and integrity in managing the company. He firmly believes that treating others with sincerity can lead to reciprocal treatment. It is the employees and customers who have given Gary the opportunity to showcase his talents, making them the true owners of the company. To live up to the trust of customers means delivering products of impeccable quality. To not let down the hard work of employees means leading them towards a better quality of life.

"Our motto, hanging in the company, is not to exploit employees' income for lower costs, nor to compromise the quality of products for higher profits."


Allen Li

Production Manager

With more than 11 years of box and display stand production experience. He has worked as a supervisor in the factory production workshop for many years and is familiar with the production process and technical requirements. He has accumulated rich experience and is proficient in the design, production and quality inspection of boxes and display stands. Allen Li  is good at communicating with customers, understanding their needs, and providing the best solutions. He strictly controls the process and quality to ensure that the boxes and display stands produced meet the requirements of customers. Under his leadership, the factory production workshop has high efficiency and excellent product quality.

Leo Tan

Leo He

Quality Inspection Supervisor

As the quality inspection supervisor of our factory. Leo He is known for his outstanding sense of responsibility and professionalism. He always maintains a high level of vigilance for quality issues and ensures that the quality inspection process is carried out meticulously. Leo He pays attention to details, and he never misses any link that may affect product quality. In the process of quality inspection, he adheres to strict standards, not only demanding high-quality work from himself, but also from the team. He is skilled at working with different departments to ensure that quality control works seamlessly. Leo He's sense of responsibility and dedication makes his the mainstay of our factory's quality inspection work.

Design Team

Huaxin has a professional design team provide customers with design ideas and advice, and make design drawing for customers after communication. Huaxin design team focus on individuality and will accompany your packaging project from the initial ideas to implementation. Huaxin designers will give your some good ideas and advice during design. They can make both graphic design drawing and 3D design drawing for you.

01 Design Team (1)(2)

Huaxin Design Team Give Designs Advice to Customers in Office

01 Design Team (1)(1)

Huaxin Design Team Making Working Drawing for Production

01 Design Team (1)

Huaixn Design Team Making 3D Drawing for Customer in Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair

Sales Team

Huaxin have a professional sales team that can give you quick response at any time about any question you concerned, such as design, quotation, sample, production,etc., because Huaxin is a combination group of factory and company. Sales team can discuss with Huaxin engineer team and production team face to face, then they get answer and help once customer need. Huaxin experienced sales representatives, in close collaboration with designers and production management, support every customer from design to final finished product to ensure a smooth execution of the project.

02 Sales Team (1)(1)

Huaxin Sales Team in Office

02 Sales Team (1)

Huaxin Sales Team in Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair

02 Sales Team (3)

Huaxin Sales Team Discuss Watch Display Design With Customer in Watch Fair

02 Sales Team (2)

Huaxin Sales Team & Customers in Hong Kong Watch Fair

Sample & Production Team

Huaxin has a professional sample team and a production team, which worked in packaging and display industry with over 20 years experience.
Huaxin sample team will make customized box and display sample for our customers with different materials like wood, paper, plastic, which create different effects. For example, leather and wood material bring elegance, while metal bring a modern and luxury appearance.
Huaxin production team pay much effort to produce high quality packaging boxes and displays for our customer. Beside, Huaxin production team always focus on raw material and craft to ensure product quality. They always try their best to make customers’ ideas and design into reality.

03 Prouctiton Team (1)

Huaxin Factory Wooden Packaging Production Line

03 Prouctiton Team (1)(1)

Huaxin Factory Paper Packaging Production Line

Sample&Prouct Team (2)

Huaxin Factory Production Machine