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Leather Watch Box

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Leather Watch Box

Nowadays, people are paying more and more attention to their spiritual needs, and there are a lot of exquisite items and valuables in their lives, in order to please themselves, and even dress up with a lot of decorations to enhance people's spirit and taste. Among these jewelry, the watches that boys and girls love are on the list. Exquisite watches are a symbol of male identity and taste, and men also prefer to wear watches. Later, watch companies also put a lot of effort into watch boxes and outer packaging, and customize brand watch boxes, so that consumers who buy them will have a better shopping experience.

  • Here we will talk about Leather Watch Box, one kind of watch packaging box.

    • What is a Leather Watch Box?

      There are two kinds of leather watch box. One is that the whole box is made of leather, while another type is that box body covered with leather surface. The first one is always made as a travel watch case, convenient to package the watches and to keep the watch safe in the box. The second type is a regular box for watch shop as a gift box for consumers.

      A leather watch box is made of box frame, then surface finishing is covered with PU leather or genuine leather. The box frame is made of plastic, wood and cardboard. Customer can choose box frame material according their design and budget.

      About leather surface, there are many color and pattern options. A leather sample book will be provided to customer for their selection.

    • Function of Leather Watch Box

      A leather watch box is specially used to hold a watch. It is made of many materials and styles. Watch boxes designed with different materials have different styles and grades. There are many types of watches. Different watches will be matched with different watch boxes according to the brand and price of the watch, especially some high-priced brand watches. When matching the outer packaging, the matching can improve the quality of the watch. Not good, it will reduce the quality of the watch, especially if you give gifts through the watch, pay more attention to the outer box of the watch.

      With the improvement of living standards, people's demand for things is also increasing. A watch is no longer an item that people take to watch the time, it is a symbol of people's status and taste. A good watch represents the person's identity, status and taste, which is a fashion trend. The watch box is used by merchants to set off the watch, improve the image and economic value of the watch, and improve the taste of the watch. As we all know, watches are delicate items and must not be collided during transportation. This requires Watch Box Manufacturers to strictly require and finely design watch boxes when manufacturing them.

      Nowadays, the watch boxes of branded watches are all customized, which is different from other brands, and the customized watch boxes have the brand logo, which on the one hand enhances the charm of the brand, and on the other hand satisfies the shopping psychology of consumers . Most of the watches sold in the market will have a customized watch box by the brand. When you give it to others, seeing a gift box with beautiful packaging and a custom style, coupled with an exquisite watch, will also make the person receiving the gift very satisfied. This also captures the psychology of consumers.

      And please note that don't overpack the leather watch box. There are a lot of watch boxes on the market that are overpacked, heavy and impractical. After the watch is used, the watch box still needs to protect the watch. Anyone who loves watches knows that if the watch is placed randomly, the case will easily get into dust and fog. At this time, the watch box can play the role of protecting the watch. Therefore, leather watch box manufacturers must pay attention to the design concept of the watch box when designing, and prevent excessive packaging.

    • Advantage of Leather Watch Box

      The earliest packaging was only for high-value products, such as jewelry, cultural relics, antiques, and so on. Because the value of the product itself is very high, its packaging requirements are also very high-end.

      For the watch box customization industry, materials such as genuine leather, PU leather, leatherette paper, etc. are very common, because these materials are very popular in the market. If the product is packaged in a leather box, it is not only a beautiful box, but also enhances the sense of value that the product brings to consumers. Therefore, leather packaging boxes can be so favored by merchants. Next, let's learn more about the advantages of leather watch boxes!

      (1) Advantages In Toughness

      The paper is shredded and rotten as soon as it is torn. The wood is rigid, and it breaks when it is broken. Only the "toughness" of the leather overcomes the above-mentioned defects and interprets the characteristics of softness with rigidity

      (2) Advantages In Thickness

      The leather is interposed between the wood and the paper, which not only ensures a good sense of contact in the process of people's use, overcomes the light feeling of the paper, but also does not produce the bulky feeling of the wood, which is just right.

      (3) Advantages In Compatibility

      Paper and wood with different colors, textures, and thicknesses are designed on the same product and are often not compatible with each other.

      (4) Advantages In Texture

      There are few wooden textures, and the paper texture is thin because of its thin thickness, and the artificial texture does not have a heavy feeling. Only the leather watch box can achieve both the wooden texture and the paper texture, which is the sum of the two. It can also imitate metal wire drawing, plastic, cloth texture, marble, ceramics, bronze, etc.

    • How to choose inner holder for Leather Watch Box?

      In order to protect the watch well, show the quality of the watch, increase the value of the watch, and increase the added value of the watch, watch companies usually require the watch box factory to add a inner holder to the watch packaging box when designing and producing high-end watch boxes. There are many choices of materials for the inner holder of watch boxes. For example, EVA, sponge, plastic, paper, flannel, satin and so on. Different materials inner holder can give people different visual experience in the sense, and also have different basic functions.

      (1) EVA Inner Holder

      EVA is the most common inner holder material. Because of its anti-corrosion, anti-aging, anti-rust, odorless, wear-resistant, light density, easy to absorb moisture, and multi-color options, it is the best choice for high-end watch box insert materials. It looks visually thicker, and the watch is placed in it and it can be firmly held in place.

      (2) Sponge Inner Holder

      The sponge inner holder is soft to the touch, anti-extrusion, high resilience, good shock resistance, low cost. Besides, sponge insert is very flexible and simple for production and processing. Therefore, it is the first choice for the majority of watch shop and watch box factory. In terms of visual effects, the sponge has many pores, which can use a special process to show the visual effect of the sky and the stars, so as to set off the elegance of the watch.

      (3) Velvet Inner Holder

      The velvet inner support has strong three-dimensional effect, high gloss, soft and firm touch. There are different types of velvet, such as smooth beaded velvet, velvet, and flocking. A high-end watch box equipped with fleece lining, the fashion sense and elegant taste of the watch are immediately displayed. Even those who don't love watches will be attracted by the soft fleece.

      (4) Stain Cloth Inner Holder

      The first impression of satin cloth inner holder is that it is very smooth, with good brightness and obvious luster. Satin cloth is a fabric that combines comfort, modernity and art. The high-end leather watch box with satin cloth, with its distinctive and charming style, attracts countless watch-loving consumers to stop and make them involuntarily pay for the product.

      (5) Plastic Inner Holder

      The disadvantage of plastic inner holder is that it is not soft enough, while the advantages are good stability, anti-extrusion, and not easy to deform. Because its shock resistance is not as good as that of sponge and eva, plastic inner holder is not often used for high end leather watch box. It is commonly used in food packaging, such as chocolate packaging, moon cake packaging, etc. When the plastic inner holder is used, it is often combined with silk cloth. The silk cloth has a particularly high gloss to increase the texture of the product packaging.

    • Logo Craft on Leather Watch Box

      At this stage, the product packaging box has already become a powerful magic weapon to attract buyers. As a high-grade, elegant and precise packaging box, leather watch box can also greatly improve the high added value of enterprise products, so it is also favored by many jewelry, beverage and other manufacturing industries. There are various shapes and craft designs of leather watch boxes. So what are the aspects of the LOGO pattern processing technology of the leather box packaging box?

      (1) Hot Stamping Logo

      The hot stamping, is a processing technology that heats a metal printing plate, applies foil, and prints golden text or patterns on the printed matter. The bronzing process pattern is clear, beautiful and generous, the color matching is dazzling, and it is resistant to wear and aging. It can also play the icing on the cake and highlight the actual effect of the theme style of the design concept, especially when used as a trademark logo and brand pattern, the actual effect is more obvious.

      (2) Silkscreen Logo

      Silk screen printing process is a type of processing technology widely used in leather packaging boxes. The silk screen ink layer is thick and strong, with strong coverage and rich layering. The screen printing equipment is simple, the actual operation is convenient and fast, the printing plate making is simple and easy to understand, and the cost is low and the adaptability is strong. It can not only print on parallel surfaces, but also perform silk screen printing on substrates with curved surfaces, spheres and concave and convex surfaces.

      (3) Embossed and Debossed Logo

      The embossing and debossing processing technology is a special production and processing technology in the decoration of the watch box surface layer. It uses a concave-convex mold, under the actual effect of a certain pressure, to plastically deform the surface layer substrate, and then carry out artistic production and processing of the surface layer of the watch packaging box. The embossed various convex graphics and patterns show different shades of patterns, with a very obvious sense of relief pattern, which improves the three-dimensional and artistic appeal of the leather watch box.

      (4) Metal Plate Logo

      The metal plate logo is a relatively luxurious decorative logo in the international arena at this stage. Styles and appearance colors of metal plate logo are diversified. The metal material patch type is conducive to promoting the improvement of the beauty of the leather watch box and the level of the enterprise product. It has a certain vital practical significance for opening the sales market and increasing the brand awareness, so that the enterprise products have a very unique practical effect. At the same time, it provides new opportunities for companies to add value.

    • How to find a competent and responsible manufacturer of Customized Leather Watch Box?

      When you customize watch packaging boxes for your watch products, if you can find a reliable watch box factory, you can save your time and effort and get good results. So let's take a brief look at how to find a factory that can save you worry!

      (1) Focus On Communication With Customers

      In the process of designing and producing packaging, the watch packaging box factory must always maintain close communication with users, keep abreast of users' reactions to it, and then make some timely adjustments, and finally come up with a plan that satisfies both parties.

      (2) Competent Factory

      A reliable leather watch box factory must have many years of operating experience in the industry, have its own full set of workshops and automation equipment, and have relevant professional and technical personnel, who can design, produce and packaging according to products.

      (3) Complete Manufacturing System

      The watch packaging box factory has its own professional teams like design team, sample team, production team, QC team,etc , which can provide one-stop service from the selection of packaging materials, to the packaging appearance design, as well as printing and production, which makes us more worry-free and labor-saving.

      (4) Have Exquisite Craftsmanship

      It’s not enough to just have good ideas and design. If the level of craftsmanship cannot be guaranteed, there will be shoddy manufacturing. This requires the watch gift box factory to have superb craftsmanship, so that the design can be perfectly presented and the  products grade can be promoted.

      (5) Pay Attention To Green Environmental Protection

      As we all known, the country pays more and more attention to the protection of the environment. As a good watch box manufacturer, we should pay attention on the materials used, which should have passed the green environmental protection certification and which will not cause pollution to the environment and no waste of resources.