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Wooden Perfume Box

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Wooden Perfume Box

Wooden box, considered as high grade packaging solution which is widely used for perfume packing. Especially for the luxury perfume or some limited edition perfume, you will find it well packed with a premium wooden box.

  • A wooden perfume box, not only used for a storage box, but also a exquisite wooden gift box.

    • Materials used in wooden perfume boxes

      A wooden box is consist of 4  or 5 parts, the external wood part, the hinge which is to assemble the box, the lock to close the box, and inlay to hold the perfume bottle.

      -Wood material

      Normally will use MDF wood, a durable and hard wood material, meanwhile, its eco-friendly, strong and not easy to out of shape like the solid wood, which is perfect for wooden perfume box. On the surface of MDF, we can treat it with colored lacquer, like black lacquer, white lacquer, red and blue lacquer, other branded color are accepted. And for the colored lacquer, we can do it with glossy or matte finishing, like glossy black lacquer and matte black.

      Beyond the colored lacquer, the MDF box can be made with wood look finishing too, firstly to glue a wood grain paper on the MDF, and then dealt it with a clear glossy or matte painting, there comes the wood look exterior.

      Another  material to make the wooden gift box would be solid wood, this real wood have the original wood texture and color, contribute a nature wood feeling. There are many real wood materials: pine, red sandalwood, rosewood, oak, cherry, walnut, beech, mahogany and poplar, these are the preferred materials for wooden boxes. Compare to the MDF wood, the real wood is kind of soft, its not good for big size box, but for small size one like perfume box, its OK to use a solid. Solid wood perfect for the branded concept of eco-friendly and natural.


      There are three regular types of hinge, spring hinge, T hinge and cylinder hinge. Spring hinge can keep the box closed by using its elasticity.

      T hinge is suitable for the big box, matching will use a lock to close the box, like key lock, push bottom lock and lock catch etc.

      Cylinder hinge is small and still, will need to match it with a lock or magnets.

      For all the hinge and lock, we have black color, silver color and gold color as choices.

      - Velvet sticker bottom.

      To protect the bottom of the box, we normally will glue the bottom with a velvet, a matching colored velvet, like black box will be with black velvet, white box with velvet bottom. This velvet can protect the box from scratching when putting the box on the table and counter etc.

      Some design will request the bottom to be lacquered like other face, if with a lacquered bottom, we normally will add 4 padding at four corners of the bottom, velvet padding or plastic padding.


      Velvet and PU leather are the most widely using material for inlay, client can select the preferred one by herself, underneath the velvet or PU leather, its EVA foam, the EVA foam can be cut into any shape, so we will make a cutout at the foam to fit with the bottle, and then to wrap the EVA with velvet or PU leather, so you will not see the EVA but only the velvet or PU leather, and the velvet and PU leather will protect the perfume bottle from scratching, and since the cutout is perfectly fit with the perfume bottle, and the boxs size is made to hold the bottle exactly, so the bottle will be placed in the box and well protected from broken.

      For velvet and PU leather material, we have many colors choice, will select a most matching one to the boxs color or brand color.

    • Why Choose Wooden Perfume Box?

      Here are three reasons of why customized wood perfume box are important for building your brand and business.

      -A custom wooden perfume box secure your perfume.

      Making a custom wood box with perfect size and structure for your bottle not only help to catch the customer eyes at the counter, but also to protect the perfume from broken when shipping or delivering.

      Apart from wooden box, there are rigid paper box and thin paper box for perfume packaging, but as its mentioned, a wooden box is made from hard MDF, which is harder than a paper, and normally, we will use thick material for the box, so it will resist the stress from all when delivery. Meanwhile, inside the box, we make soft custom inlay which is fit with the bottle perfectly, and protect the perfume bottle from all angle, so compare to a simple paper box, the wooden box must be the best solution for a perfume packaging.

      -A high quality wood gift box will help to increase the sales of the perfume.

      Truly a customized wood box with delicate and exquisite workmanship will upgrade the perfume, and leave a great impression to the customer that its a high-grade perfume and its worthy to have it.

      As we all know, a quality wooden box with high end finishing looks very luxury, with this brilliant look packaging box aside, should impress the customer. This wooden gift box can be used as a display box, you can put the perfume on the box and then display the whole set product on the counter or the window to catch the customer eyes.

      -A branded wood perfume box enhance the branded image.

      With a branded logo on it, customer will keep the branded information in mind easily and distinguish it from other brand. From time to time they use the perfume, the logo will remind them again and again, finally comes with the loyalty, and become a fans of the brand.

      -A wooden perfume box is eco-friendly.

      Wooden box  is long-lasting and can be reused as a storage box. Compare to other packaging box like leather or plastic box, a wooden box is more environmental friendly since the wood material do no harm to the environment, but the plastic is not recycled and does not friendly to the environment. Apart from the gift box, customer can use it as regular storage box. 

    • Is the wooden perfume box safe and sturdy?

      Sure the wooden box is safe and sturdy to protect the perfume, on one side, the wood box is made from MDF which is hard and strong enough the against the external press from shipping or delivering. And with the customized inlay, the perfume bottle will be placed in the box still, the inlay will lighten the press from crushing or collision, so to keep the bottle safe in the box.

    • How to customize Wooden Perfume Box

      There are 5 steps to customize a wood perfume box:

      -Choose material:

      Please advise the ideal exterior looking of the box, so that we can confirm that you will need a solid wood box or a MDF box.

      If a MDF box, should it be wood looking or a colored one? If a wood looking one, we will send you different type of wood paper so that you can select. If a colored one, please advise the color or a pantone number of it, so we will have an idea.

      Inlay material:

      Please advise if velvet or PU leather material is a preferable one and advise the color, we will show you the choice so to confirm which one to go with.

      -Confirm surface finishing:

      We will show you image of the glossy and matte finishing accordingly so that you will have an idea if glossy or matte to move on.

      -Confirm the size

      We will make the boxs size by according to the bottle size, so the bottle size is required, and then we will recommend the boxs size accordingly. Beside, the most perfect way is to send us a bottle for testing when making sample, so that we can adjust the cutout size and make sure the boxs size whether  perfect for the bottle or not.

      -Confirm the logo type and position:

      Normally will make the logo on the top of box and inside the lid, will follow your idea. For logo type, one the surface, we can make engraved logo, silkscreen print logo, metal plate logo and foil sticker logo, inside normally will make silkscreen printed logo or hot stamping logo, we will show you the sample of all these types so that you can choose.

      -Confirm the packaging:

      For such type of wooden gift box, we will use a hard paper box to protect it, black wooden box will match with hard black paper cardboard box, white will match white paper box. Meanwhile we can custom make the paper box as you want. Such as with custom artwork printing and with custom logo.

    • How to make sample

      -Confirm the boxs detail by following the guide of How to customize Wooden Perfume Box

      -Check the price of sample and mass order. We will send you the quotation of this customized box so you will have an idea.

      -Pay the sample cost, we accept sample cost paid by PayPal, bank transfer.

      -Make design for you to confirm, will send you a design mock-up so that you can confirm if its correct to go, if not, we will adjust it till its correct.

      -Sample production, normally its about 15days for production.

      - Send you images and video of finished box to confirm before sending out the sample to you.

    • How to order the mass boxes.

      6.1Send us inquiry and tell us what you are looking for, and then we will discuss the boxs detail with you.

      6.2We will send you the quotation when boxs detail is confirmed.

      6.3Confirm the design – pay the sample cost – make the sample.

      6.4Confirm the sample – pay the deposit – start mass production.

      6.5Images and video of product for confirmation, and then pay the balance before shipment. We can arrange shipment by our side.

      6.6Wait for feedback after clients received the goods.

    • About us

      Guangzhou Huaxin Factory, founded in 1994, we custom made and manufacture wooden perfume box, wooden jewelry watch box, wooden display box, wooden gift box, wooden box, we offer OEM&ODM service.

      We have creative design team available for making the adjusting the personalized design for confirmation. When you gave us a draft idea of the box you need, our sales will pass the idea to the design team, and then we will make the mock-up with your idea, so that you will check and revise it before making the sample.

      Competitive prices provided by the factory directly.  We are the experienced manufacturer so that we can offer the factory price.  Also, we can recommend the better way to lower the price if necessary.

      Trained workers make the high quality wooden box, with careful QC team inspect the goods before packing. Our painting master are with more than 10 years experience, which are good at making high quality and correct color painting. The handmade workers take good care of the insert part craftsmanship, this wooden perfume box will be made as a premium quality wood gift box.

      Last but not least, we have QC team to inspect the box before packing, which not allow the second class box send to you.

      When you received the product, and got any question, our sales representative will take good care of it till its solved.